Retirement Home In New Jersey Turned Into Brothel


Perpetrators: James Parham and Cheryl Chaney

Imagine you are dropping off your grandmother at the quaint retirement home in your community only to find used condoms and beer cans in the Bingo Room?  You might think twice.  It may seem far fetched (maybe not if your as cynical as me) but this is a true scenario for one retirement home in Engelwood, New Jersey.

Lets just say James Parham isn’t your typical grandfather. Parham was pimping out some of the elderly residents who had cocaine addictions to the community.   Obviously, this created a problem for other residents in the home.   The activities of Mr. Parham attracted a very seedy clientele into the home shall we say.  Many of the other residents were afraid to ask for help and felt like they were in their own prison.  Eventually authorities got word of the goings on and police set up a sting which implicated the two pictured above.

Cheryl Chaney, the lovely lady pictured to the right of Mr. Parham above (I know what you’re thinking, but lets leave it unsaid, shall we?) was caught with crack cocaine on the premise.