Don’t Change That Channel!: Nephew Kills Uncle Over TV


Perpetrator: Rico Gartis Walker

I wonder what was on the television for Rico Gartis Walker to choke and suffocate his uncle, Robert Brantley?  When police arrived at the scene they found Mr. Walker trying to perform CPR on his uncle, whom just moments before, he choked the life from.   It’s easy to take someone’s life but not easy to bring it back, Mr. Walker.

Let’s again put this into perspective:  An argument that centered around TV programming made two people of blood relation fight.  The fight escalated to the point where the nephew literally choked the life out of his uncle.  Not only did he choke his uncle but the authorities said he physically shut his nasal passage so that he could not breathe.  That kind of death is dished out of some sort of demonic purpose.  Then he obviously regretted his decision and tried to bring his family member back to life, but the damage had been done and his uncle, Mr. Brantley was not coming back.

Such a violent end to a frivolous argument.