In Parenting News: Foster Child Found Chained To His Front Porch, With A Dead Chicken Tied Around Neck


Perpetrators: Dorian Lee Harper and Wanda Sue Larson


Chicken Found Tied Around Boys Neck

As the father of an adoptive child, stories like this make me cringe.  There is no greater injustice then to take in a child who needs to be loved and nurtured and abuse them.   But the foster child of Dorian Lee Harper and Wanda Sue Larson (beware of people who actively use their full name) suffered more than any eleven year old boy (my child is also eleven) should have to endure.

First Harper and Larson chained him to a piece of railroad track that was placed in his room.   The boy broke his wrist one time in an effort to escape.    The boy also featured a scar from where his “dad” cut him with a knife.  He ALSO was burned close to his eye when “dad” took a piece of electrical wire and pressed it into his skin.  He was never treated at a hospital for ANY of his wounds.

The boy was only discovered when the local sheriff was in the neighborhood on an unrelated call and spotted the child, handcuffed to the porch railing with a dead chicken tied around his neck.  (I have no idea why the chicken was tied to the boy.)

You can’t make this up!  Someone was so demented to incur these kind of injuries and atrocities on a child.   The devious nature of people is beyond comprehension.   And the coup de gras to this already horrific story is that Ms. Larson was a CPS Supervisor! There were four other children in the home in addition to the aforementioned child and all have been removed from the home while the “parents” are in jail facing child abuse and endangerment charges.

Who is caring for the children in America?  If you are a prayerful person, I ask you to pray for this child and others like him.  If you are not, I merely ask you to share this story and bring attention to their plight.