Death By Wedgie?


Perpetrator: Brad Lee Davis

There are many horrible ways to die.  Death (for most of us) is itself not a pleasant thing to discuss.  But death be wedgie?  No…let me rephrase…death by ‘atomic wedgie’  is not a good look.   That’s not something a family should hear in a coroner, court, or any report.  It is probably one of the most undignified demises a man can meet. It’s such a fantastic story that one would think it was a fictitious report from the satirical newspaper, The Onion.  But this scenario is exactly what happened in Oklahoma.

Brad Lee Davis pulled his stepfather’s underwear from his waistline, up over his head, and around his neck. Denver St. Clair died of asphyxiation and blunt force trauma.   So while St. Clair had his underwear wrapped around his head, his stepson beat him to death.   The underwear was wrapped so tight around the man’s neck, they left ligature marks.

No man is rightful to dole out death, but to kill a man via wedgie is a whole new level if depravity.


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