‘Backstreet Abortionist’ Who Practices ‘Black Magic’ Codemned To Death


Shrine erected for the sacrifice.

This story is not for the faint of heart.  Apparently, there is a ‘backstreet abortionist’, Lakkhikanto Karmakar,  who also practices black magic (with his mom).  This already sounds like a bad combination (like serial killers who work as butchers).   But it gets worse…Mr. Karmakar, also known in his Indian village as Shayma, erected a make shift shrine in the local cemetery.   In broad daylight, his fellow villagers saw him licking the blood from a severed baby’s head.  He is said to have murdered the baby, severed the head, and hung the head from the shrine where he would drink the blood.   It doesn’t get more gruesome then that.

When his fellow villagers saw this taking place they beat Shayma within an inch of his life, and only relented when the authorities showed up.   He was recently found guilty of the horrific crime in a ‘fast tracked’ Indian court and sentenced to death.