Grandma Unwilling To Take Grandson To Store, Murdered With Baseball Bat


JeNorman Bland: Perpetrator

Glenda Smith Woodard was unwilling to take her grandson,  JeNorman Bland, to get some cigarettes.   Mr. Bland was upset with his grandmother’s decision.  So much so, that he beat her to death with a baseball bat.

This is a woman who was raising her grandson.  It is someone that she presumably cared for, and because she had to go to work, and could not take him to get some smokes, she lost her life.

Human life has become so devalued in this society that we are prone to kill at the drop of the hat, for the most trivial things.   And scarier yet, those that are closest to us are the most in danger.




2 responses to “Grandma Unwilling To Take Grandson To Store, Murdered With Baseball Bat

  1. This is my baby brother. I’m so sick of the media. speaking on shit that they clearly know nothing about. Shit happens and the news jumps on it assuming they know every little detail. How so ? We never confirmed that. He suffers from a server mental illness. Didn’t even know what the hell was going on after it happened. No sain person in their right mind would kill someone because of some cigs. He’s sick. Pray that he gets the help he needs, do my Grandmother a favor. Don’t bash her ill grandchild !

    • Thank you for your input, Kelsey. It is much appreciated that you are bringing clarity to the situation. I think that it is evident that your brother had a mental illness because you are right, no one should kill anyone simply over cigarettes. Maybe it was a trigger for what occurred? I guess the pending case and evaluations may bring clarity to the situation. Was he diagnosed with mental illness? Was he taking any medications to suppress his anger? Thank you again for your insight. Your family is in my prayers.

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