In Relationship News: As The Relationship Sours, Man Pours Hot Grease On Sleeping Girlfriend


Anthony McGraw and his girlfriend’s relationship was on the rocks.  So much so that earlier in the year the girlfriend had gotten a restraining order against Anthony McGraw.  That order of protection was eventually rescinded.  Eventually that lead to Mr. McGraw  watching his estranged girlfriend sleep on the couch and then decide to pour hot grease over her face and arms.

That act of cruelty amassed significant injuries to his victim.  Those injuries will require this young lady to receive cosmetic surgery and forever change her life.  I equivocate this act of spite to the acid attacks that take place in Pakistan and India.  Humans are such embittered creatures.  The moment some men feel slighted, they feel the need to hurt and damage.   They want to assert themselves in a harmful way.  It’s the barbarism.

After the incident Mr. McGraw fled the scene and was found cowering in an abandoned house by the authorities.



New York Daily News