Twin Girls Wake Up Late —> Mother Irate —> Girls Kill Mother


Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah Whitehead woke up late for school.  It happens.   Sometimes it is a figurative fight to get the kids ready and out for school. But when it came to Jarmecca Whitehead getting her two girls up for school, it literally became a fight to the death.

As the girls tell the story, their mother was irate at them for waking up late for school.  In her fury, Jarmecca grabbed a pot in the kitchen and began swinging wildly.  Was it with the intention to hit the girls?  We may never know that.  But the twin wrestled the pot away from their mother.   Jarmecca then grabbed a knife which she quickly relinquished.  Maybe she knew that it was going too far at that point, but the fight remained physical.   Jasmiya grabbed a vase from the living room and bashed it on her mother’s skull, but that just made the scene more intense.

Eventually, Jasmiyah wound up stabbing her mother…repeatedly.   She tabbed her until she lay dying.  At this point, one could argue that his is self-defense perhaps, but instead of calling the police, the girls took their dying mother into the bathroom and preceded to drown her.  Even if you hate your mother, it takes a certain meaner of depravity to take her life so callously.

The girls then went to school as if nothing had happened and staged a crime scene as if they had ‘stumbled across’ their mother.  Eventually the girl’s story collapsed and they confessed to the murder.

There is so much within this story to sadden the soul.  These were two beautiful girls in their youth who damned themselves by killing their equally beautiful mother.  The girls were each given a 30 Year sentence.

My heart breaks.


NY Daily News

Transcript Of Confession

Daily Mail


One response to “Twin Girls Wake Up Late —> Mother Irate —> Girls Kill Mother

  1. I don’t believe that the mother initiated the fight. They have been lying from the beginning. They had attacked the mother years before and the police had been called to that residence just days before the murder. They wanted freedom and the ability to live as adults, and their mother was in the way. She wanted a better life for them, but they couldn’t appreciate that. Jasmiyah threatened to kill her at the courthouse if she had to live with her mother again. This was premeditated. Who’s more believable? Them or the mother? She’s not around to tell her side of the story. They want to portray her as the aggressor to gain sympathy and possibly a lighter sentence; which they got. They deserved life in prison. The police records, neighbor’s and family testimony, and the testimony of the mother’s friends tell a different story than their account. Why would she pick a fight with people that she was afraid of? She was also outnumbered. Put on your thinking caps people.

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