In Relationship News: Man Snaps During Argument, Sets Girlfriend On Fire




Yes.  People snap during arguments all the time.   Bad domestic abuse situations can occur, and physical violence  can come into play. Those things are all bad enough, but what kind of man ‘snaps’, douses his ‘girlfriend’ in gasoline and sets her on fire?  Who is that sadistic?  Here enters one Donald Chapman.  That’s who is this sadistic.

Chapman and his girlfriend got into a fight that lead to her receiving  burns over 40% of her body.  He can’t even claim that it was in the heat of the moment as he went to a gas station to purchase the gasoline.    I can’t imagine a more horrific assault.  I (and I am sure many others) are petrified of  being burned in a fire.  I can’t imagine what the victim must be feeling.

So many times these types of assaults occur because a man feels he has been slighted or jilted by a female he feels he possesses.  In India and Pakistan, they have a multitude of acid attacks that occur against women.  A woman refuses a man and then the man feels he will disfigure her with acid.   I guess in the United States the preferred method is arson as this is not an isolated incident.

I pray for the victim and her recovery.


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