Pedophilia…AND Bestiality?


The stories out there get stranger and stranger and in this case just more putrid.  If these allegations hold true, Angelina Lodice is one sick individual.  Advocates for both children and animals will shudder that the charges against Miss Lodice include aggravated rape of a victim under the age of 13, pornography involving juveniles, crimes against nature and sexual battery.  She was caught on video sexually abusing a three year old boy, and if that’s not heinous enough, having sex with a dog.

How did this come to light?  I will let tell it:

The abuse came to light after the father of the child was contacted by a relative of Lodice, who said he received photographs and videos of Lodice and the child, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy wrote in a report.

How in the world would someone get something like that?  Did she email the video to family members?  Did she leave the perverse recordings in the VCR?  Why would the relative even bother dealing with the boy’s father?  Isn’t this something that goes directly to the authorities?   this isn’t something you ‘run by’  the family.   I am appalled on so many levels here.

Apparently she is going to play the ‘I-was-high-on-drugs-and-didn’t-know-what-I-was-doing’ card.   And if that’s truly the case,  I should hope that she wants to accept her punishment.




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