Besties? – Man Wards Off Friend’s Advances By Killing Him And Feeding His Penis To The Dog?


Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes


This little piece of stupidity gives our small site a little international flavor.  So Mario Alberto Lizalde Reyes was walking his dog with his “life long” friend, Mario Hernandez Banda in Ciudad Juarez.  Apparently Mr. Banda took a liking to his friend that extended beyond the bounds of normal friendship and Mr. Reyes took a little offense to this being perhaps mildly homophobic and quite inebriated.   While Mr. Banda decided to urinate in the alley way along their walk, Mr. Reyes shot him in the head.  But that was not enough to cover the slight that Mr. Reyes felt.  He thought it appropriate street justice to take his friend’s knife, pull down his pants, and sever his penis.  He then, for whatever reason, put his friend’s penis in a bag.  What the hell was he going to do with it?  Bronze it?  Was it some sort of trophy?  Alas, who knows, as it wound up being food for Mr. Reyes’ dog.  The dog was sniffing the bag, and he thought it an appropriate meal for his canine companion.  Mr. Reyes then preceded to go home to sleep off the evening, only to be filled with remorse in the morning.   When he told his stepfather about the incident in the morning, he wound up a human punching bag.  He later turned himself into the police.




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