Man Murders Daughter To Have Sex With The Corpse


Selfie From Murderer Gregory Graf



Jessica Padgett



I’ve relayed a lot of disgusting stories from the depths of man’s depravity but this one may be scraping the bottom of the bucket.  What kind of darkness lies in the heart of a man who would kill his stepdaughter so that he could have sex with her bloody corpse?  The word ‘disgusting’ doesn’t even begin to describe one, Gregory Graf.   Gregory Graf is accused of shooting his daughter-in-law, Jessica Padgett, and then video taping himself sexually abusing her corpse.   It’s incredibly disturbing to think that someone is so disturbed.

Padgett was recently married as seen in this photograph above and was the mother of three children.  Neither of those facts saved her from the sickness that was her Father-In-Law.