In Relationship News: Man Keeps Woman In A Box, Then Kills Her After Her Escape


Perpetrator: James Sutton


James Horn, Jr had some significant trust and control issues.  Those insecurities manifested into his keeping his girlfriend, Sandra Kay Sutton, locked in a 100″ x 48″ x 52″ wooden box that was equipped with a small air hole from January until April 30th…the day she escaped.  During her stint in his wooden box, Ms. Sutton was provided with reading material, a flashlight, sleeping bag, and a bucket of fecal matter.  Occasionally she was seen by neighbors, but kept close to the hip of  Mr. Horn.  One can only assume the mental terror he inflicted upon her along with whatever physical anguish was brought.  It’s amazing to think that in this day and age that one human can treat another with such disregard.   And seemingly there are men like Mr. Horn whose fragile egos compel them to keep women as possessions.

Unfortunately this story only gets worse.  After her escape, Ms. Sutton went to live with some family in Kansas City, Mo.  For whatever reason, she was not provided, nor did she seek, Police Protection while James Horn was still unaccounted for and on the run.  He wound up finding and murdering both Sandra Kay Sutton and her 17 year old son, Zachary Sutton and left the family that the two were staying with to discover the bodies in the wee hours of Thursday, May 21st.


Victims: Sandra Kay Sutton and Zachary Sutton


After the grisly discovery, ensued a statewide manhunt for Horn.  He was later found three days later in an abandoned shelter in J.N. “Turkey” Kearn Memorial Wildlife Area by police.  When he was confronted by the authorities he brandished a gun and when he refused to obey commands, he was consequently shot to death.

My condolences to the Sutton family and to everyone else, let’s be vigilant against domestic abuse.  These stories, while they differ in detail, are all too familiar.


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