“Wolverine” Obsessed Man Murders Family


Larger than life personalities often make great headlines and stories, or they can sensationalize an otherwise already horrific one. Case in point: A man, Jed Allen, infatuated with the character “Logan”, also known as “Wolverine”, murdered his mother (Janet Jordan), his mother’s boyfriend (Philip Howard), and his six year old sister (Derin Jordan). The family was found dead, murdered by the same types of blades that he adored and idolized in his many pictures. In reviewing many of the pics that were on his social media sites, many of them contain violent poses and menacing grins. But in listening to what his circle of friends said after the murrders, it’s safe to say that his posturing was merely a cover for a broken man who had lost his way in life at a young age.




Jed Allen had many regrets. He lamented his parents divorcing. He felt unloved and unwanted. He often felt like he was “treated like dirt”. His mom was said to love him, but not as much as she loved alcohol, and proved to be another pressure point for Jed.

In truth we mask our inadequacies with our strengths and Jed Allen was a gym rat. He liked to work out. He enjoyed posturing for the camera, because in those snapshots he was not the broken man in reality.

Jed Allen murdered three innocents brutally. It takes a special kind of pain and hurt to kill someone with a knife. Especially when one of those persons is your six year old sister. In the end Jed did care about something, he cared about his dog, Tetley. At some point during his three days on the run from the police after the murders, Jed emailed seven of his best friends, and claimed Tetley was an ‘innocent’ ad asked that be be cared for.



Jed had lost complete perspective on innocence. How can you save the family pet but snuff the life from a six year old? That is a jump that only the sick in mind can make.

In the end, Jed was found three days after he committed his heinous crime, hanging from a tree…alone. He was his own last victim.

Among all of the troubling aspects of the story is perhaps one subtlety that goes unchecked: How can a man text “seven close friends” at the digression of his depravity and not seek at least one of them for help at it’s apex?

This is indeed a true tragedy for all involved. A tragedy for the deceased and their families, but also for those who could have interceded and made a difference.



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