Woman Cries Out The Name Of Another…Gets Disemboweled

Perpetrator: Fidel Lopez & Victim: Maria Nemeth

You have to be a pretty sick puppy to do what Fidel Lopez did to his girlfriend Maria Nemeth. Lopez became so enraged with Nemeth that he beat and sodomized her upon hearing her call out her ex-husband’s name during a drunken sex session. But what sets this story apart and it gives it a particular grotesque feel is that Lopez reached inside of Nemeth, up to his elbow, and began to disembowel her. I can’t even comprehend the brutish physicality of this act. It’s one of those things that make you shudder upon hearing it. It’s a level of disgusting that previously had not been written in this blog.

Lopez called the police after his half-hearted attempt to revive Nemeth failed. His first attempt at explaining the situation was that the pair were having ‘rough sex’ in the closet. That could be the grossest understatement of the year considering the crime scene.


Raw Story


Huffington Post


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