Familial Differences: Leaves Mother Disemboweled


Perpetrator: Omar Mark Pettigren

Perpetrator: Omar Mark Pettigren

Victim: Nahlia Pettigren

Victim: Nahlia Pettigren

If I was to say that Omar Mark Pettigen had issues with his mother, I believe it would qualify for the understatement of the year.

Family members stated that Omar and his mother, Nahlia, were having difficulties, but I don’t think that anything could prepare them for culmination of that distress.

Police found that Nahlia was murdered in her room with a wound that extended from her neck to her cervix. She was for all intensive purposes ‘disemboweled’ by her son. This act of aggression followed being shot seven times and preceded his final act of masturbating over her remains. The latter act was described by Omar, as a ‘release’.

Omar’s defense? He was upset with his mother being addicted to oxycodone. Really? You were upset with her addiction and mutilated her body? The rationale is mind numbing. According to Omar, his mother pulled a gun on him, to which point he dislodged it from her hand and then took a tomahawk (yeah, who doesn’t keep one of those handy) and bashed his mother’s skull in.

This is obviously a crime of the utmost depravity where the sanctity of motherhood was violated in a most obscene way by her own offspring.


Daily Mail

Mirror UK


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