No Neighborly Love: Man Kills Neighbor With Machete For Dog Poop Fiasco


I am amazed at how the simplest of things could lead to an absolute disaster. And not only that, but how it’s not just an isolated incident. (see…here…and…here.)

I mean how can one human being kill another because the dog defecated in his yard? When these words are put to paper it sounds absolutely unfathomable. It doesn’t sound real. Is having your neighbor’s dog take a crap in your yard upsetting? Yes. Is it worth taking a machete out and killing your neighbor and injuring his partner? Well, to Amado Lago, of West Palm Beach, Florida, that was the proper course of action.

Evidentially there was a tipping point between him and his neighbor, Mauro Londono. That breaking point occurred when Londono’s dog defecated in Lugo’s yard. An incident that was apparently a duplicate of one eight months prior (according to a neighbor). This most recent altercation ensued to the point where Lugo pulled his weapon of choice, a machete, and proceeded to to hack away until London was dead and his partner, Claudia Morales, was wounded.

Lago was later killed when he failed to comply with officers’ demands to drop the machete, instead lunging at an officer.



Daily Star



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