Sister Refuses To Return Bong, Brother Kills Cat

Axel Salemi

Perpetrator: Axel Salemi



So much for ‘weed’ being  a victimless crime.   Axel Salemi crushed an seven/eight weeks old kitten with his bare hands in front of his sister and father after their refusal to return his beloved bong.  While the sister wouldn’t allow the return of the bong, the father refused Axel’s wish to sell his sister’s TV (for God only knows what purpose).  When he killed the kitten, he called his mother, who runs an Animal Shelter, that he would kill another feline unless his bong was returned.

Obviously the ‘medicinal’ effect of the drug had worn off of the young Salemi as his inner rage certainly reared it’s ugly head.  Many people have a soft spot for animals,  so it’s greatly appalling to hear a tale such as this, where a young man snuffs the life of a hapless kitten with his hands.   It’s a special type of indifference to life.

At the bail hearing, the presiding Judge remarked: ‘There is some anger in you that needs to be addressed.’  Understatement of the year.


Daily Mail

New York Daily News


Man Murders Father, Wounds Mother, Kills Bystanders


Perpetrator: Michael J. Bryant

Mr. Michael J. Bryant is an expert in compounding disaster.  The Springfield, Oregon man assaulted and murdered his father, Jefferson Bryant, in his own home.  He ‘tried’ to murder his mother, Elizabeth Bryant, who is now in the hospital.  He then proceeded to burn their mutual home to the ground and hop into the Toyota Outlander and make his escape.  In his mad dash to elude authorities, he hit an killed, Richard Dean Bates. Then 20 minutes later into his escape, he hit and killed, Marc Jay Sanford, and critically injured his wife Lorre Marie.


Victims: Jefferson and Elizabeth Bryant

At this juncture, nobody knows what set Michael J. Bryant off aside from some long standing grievance with his parents.  But we do know is that, three families are suffering an incredible loss due to one man’s selfish actions.   The pain that he was able to inflict is unmeasurable.   He is now in custody.  If more reveals itself to this story, I will certainly update.