Pomona Man Lights Girlfriend Ablaze On Christmas


Perpetrator: Clarence Duwell Dear


Perpetrator: Dawn Hensley

It was a very unhappy Christmas season for one Ponoma, California woman. Clarence Duwell Dear and Dawn Hensley were having a domestic argument that escalated. It escalated to the point where Mr. Dear doused his fleeing girlfriend, Ms. Hensley, in gasoline. As she attempted to run from her assailant, he lit her ablaze, in all likelihood with as something as nonchalant as a cigarette.

After a few days of being on the run from the authorities for a couple of days Mr. Dear was apprehended by police in the town of Altaneda. He is being charged with murder.

I know i have talked about this before, but the use of fire to hurt another person, particularly men against women, is more proliferative than we would want to think. There have been several stories of men setting women ablaze. It’s very similar to the stories we hear in India and Pakistan where men throw acid in the faces of women who have ‘dishonored’ them in some form of fashion.

The male ego is so very fragile and the repercussions for it’s wounding have resulted in some simply terrifying incidents.



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