In The World: 07/02/2017 – 07/08/2017


Deadly attacks in Egypt’s Sinai target soldiers, military says


At Least 14 Killed In Iraqi IDP Camp Suicide Bomb


Seven killed in disputed Kashmir in cross-border shelling


Somali militants kill 2 police during extended raid on Kenyan town


Suspected Boko Haram militants kill nine, abduct dozens in Niger


Pakistani politician shot dead in Baluchistan province


Suicide blast kills two at bus station in Syria’s government-held Hama


Kurdish militants kill security forces, workers in southeast


In Parenting News: Leaving Your Kids In A Hot Car Is Not A Punishment! It’s A Death Trap

One would assume that a parent would know better than to lock their kids in a a car with temperature well over 90 degrees. There have been many examples of parent being prosecuted for these deaths over the course of the last few years. Yet, incredulously we see it time and time again as if the bar has not been set low enough.

Enter Cynthia Marie Randolph, a mother of two in Weatherford, Texas who became upset when her kids, Cavanaugh and Juliet Ramirez refused to get out of the car. Now mind you the children are no more than two years old. Instead of removing the children physically from the car, she decided to teach them a lesson by locking them in the car. She then proceeded to smoke marijuana and take a two hour nap while her kids slowly died of heat exhaustion.

There is a profound lack of judgement and accountability when you hear stories such as these. What kind of lesson is a two year old to glean to being locked in a car? One has to simply consider that mom didn’t want to be bothered, lit one up, and disappeared into her own world, only to be woken by the horrific counterpoint to her decision.

This is such a tragedy. It is a tragedy that didn’t need to happen. Randolph is being held on two counts of Serious Bodily Injury To A Child.


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