Son Kills Father, Severs Penis, and Poses For Facebook Selfies

Well, here’s something we thankfully don’t hear about every day.  Carl Edmondson, got an order of protection on his 26 year old son, Carlton Edmondson on November 20th of this year, after the latter through a brick through his father’s window.  And apparently that was for good reason because five days later, while performing a welfare check, police found the elder Edmondson’s body at the bottom of his basement stairs.  His skull was bashed in to the point that his brain matter was scattered everywhere.   There were multiple stab wounds found over his body.  And of course, his penis was severed from his body, because why wouldn’t that be a thing?  

And how do we know that this grotesque crime came at the hands of one Carlton Edmondson?  Great question.  He posted his crime on Facebook.  He actually took a selfie with a blood stained jacket (see above).  He took another with his father’s bashed skull.  Ahhhh…but that’s not all:  He also tried to sell his father’s penis on FB with the sales pitch: ‘$15million f4 tHE d***’

During the bond hearing, the defendant could be heard snickering as the charges were read leading to the judge ordering him to be removed from the court room.  He has been ordered to have a psychiatric exam.


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