Daughter Gouges Out Mothers Eyes…Leaves On Display

Camille Balla

I will just put this bluntly, Camille Balla murdered her mother, and then in a show of perhaps perverse drug induced religious demonstration, gouged out her mother, Francisca Monteiro-Balla’s eyes with shards of broken glass.  She then left the removed eyeballs on a cardboard box for authorities to see.

When she was arrested at the scene, she began to shout hysterically: “I’m a murderer! I’m a murderer!”

No truer words were ever spoken at a crime scene.   Before she killed her mother, Camille Balla stated that she smoked marijuana that she believes was laced with PCP.  There were also notes found in the home referring to the “clearing of the soul”. whatever esoteric gibberish that might have referred to is unknown.

I can’t imagine what the realization must be like to understand that you have killed your mother in a drug induced fury and then to come to terms with the barbarism of cutting out the eyeballs.  It’s almost beyond fathoming.   PCP has been linked too many such horrific crimes including that of cannibalism.

Camille is being held without bond and is being charged with murder.



Miami Herald


2 responses to “Daughter Gouges Out Mothers Eyes…Leaves On Display

  1. Yeah u cant imagine wtf cam feels either… thats not cam. Cam loves her mom they dont even fight. Ur little story was fuckin dumb and watch urself when u write bout these murder stories, remember all the people yall write about who r dread or killed soembody they got people still out here ready to protect and stand behind no matter what. I almost married camille, her mother he and i lived together for years. Camille is not a bad person and i wish the state will take helping her into consideration.

    • KMB…I appreciate the comment. You have given a personal context to this story. The purpose of the blog is to give faces to the victims. The basis of this short story was taken from the sources mentioned beneath the articles. These were the facts that were used. I encourage you to share, and am glad you took the time to respond on Camille’s behalf.

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