In Parenting News: D-I-Y Exorcisms —— Stop!!!


In Parenting News: Mom And Dad Perform Exorcism In Walmart Parking Lot

Do you think your children are possessed by demons?   If you did, where would be the most logical place to take them for the spiritual help they so desperately need?  You got it. Walmart ‘s parking lot is the place.  At least that’s where Adolfo and Deborah Gomez thought would be the best place to […]

Murdered By A Symbol Of God?

I am not one to dispute the existence of Angels and Demons, but when I see stories such as this, I am compelled to believe these crimes are a melding of religious doctrination and mental illness. Juanita Gomez, was so convinced that her adult daughter, Geneva Gomez, was possessed by the devil, that she proceeded […]