Man Puts Dog In Trash Compactor…Compacts 4 Times!!!

I post a lot about stories that involve animals because it boggles my mind as to how someone can be so inhumane as to hurt and even go so far as to torture an animal. And so we one Terrence J. Clark, who in late February elected to take his mother’s Shih Tzu from the back of his car, place the dog in a plastic bag, and throw the animal in the apartment trash compactor. It wasn’t just enough for him to ‘hit-the-button-and-run’. No, he had to hit the compactor button 4 TIMES! (All of which is caught on surveillance tape).

After residents had heard the dog yelping from the compactor, they called the Fire Department for rescue. They were able to remove the pet and rush it to a local Veterinarian’s office, but dies four days later.

These stories are difficult to digest because animals cannot defend themselves against the depravity of mankind. What could the dog possible have done? What could the mother have done to prompt this reaction from her son?

Clark is being held for charges of Aggravated Animal Cruelty with $65,000 bond.



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Man Avenges Pet Iguana…By Sodomizing And Killing Dog


Perpetrator: James Leroy Evans

Heaven help us.  I’d like to think I would be able to look at the picture of the man above and just deduce that he has diminished mental capacity.  But the truth is that James Leroy Evans may just be plum crazy.

On March 22nd, a hiker found Diamond’s body (a young pit bull mix) hanging from a tree. When the dog was taken to a vetrinarian, she was found to be sexually abused, whether by object or by anatomy has yet to be determined.  She was killed by asphyxiation.

Mr. Evans was sought after a tip to the police from a family member because he was ‘caring’ for the dog at the time.  The owners of the dog were away for a four day period when this took place.    Evans admitted to killing and hanging the dog, and according to authorities took a sense of pride in doing it.  After all, the dog allegedly ate his iguana.

And if this story wasn’t already bad enough, Diamond served as the owner’s Therapy Dog for their 8 year old boy.

Evan’s is out on bond after posting $50,000 and being charged with animal cruelty. Evans also has an already sordid criminal history which includes arrests for domestic violence, burglary and possession of controlled substances.  He can now add animal cruelty and bestiality to his prestigious list.


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Sister Refuses To Return Bong, Brother Kills Cat

Axel Salemi

Perpetrator: Axel Salemi



So much for ‘weed’ being  a victimless crime.   Axel Salemi crushed an seven/eight weeks old kitten with his bare hands in front of his sister and father after their refusal to return his beloved bong.  While the sister wouldn’t allow the return of the bong, the father refused Axel’s wish to sell his sister’s TV (for God only knows what purpose).  When he killed the kitten, he called his mother, who runs an Animal Shelter, that he would kill another feline unless his bong was returned.

Obviously the ‘medicinal’ effect of the drug had worn off of the young Salemi as his inner rage certainly reared it’s ugly head.  Many people have a soft spot for animals,  so it’s greatly appalling to hear a tale such as this, where a young man snuffs the life of a hapless kitten with his hands.   It’s a special type of indifference to life.

At the bail hearing, the presiding Judge remarked: ‘There is some anger in you that needs to be addressed.’  Understatement of the year.


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Man Pleads ‘No Contest’ To Beheading Dogs


There is demented and then there is Jason Schiloh Brown of Reno, Nevada.  Mr.  Brown was found in his motel room to possess one decapitated dog and the severed heads of four other dogs in his small refrigerator.

And I am not sure about your feelings on the above photo, but I am pretty sure if evil might have it face it would look strangely like Mr. Brown.  The fact that he is in a motel room leads me to believe he was transient in nature.  The fact that he stored the heads of the animals he tortured leads me to believe he is certifiable.

It should come as not surprise that while Mr Brown is awaiting sentencing on October 1st, he is being kept in protective custody, as the other inmates are a little sensitive to how animals are treated.


Pedophilia…AND Bestiality?


The stories out there get stranger and stranger and in this case just more putrid.  If these allegations hold true, Angelina Lodice is one sick individual.  Advocates for both children and animals will shudder that the charges against Miss Lodice include aggravated rape of a victim under the age of 13, pornography involving juveniles, crimes against nature and sexual battery.  She was caught on video sexually abusing a three year old boy, and if that’s not heinous enough, having sex with a dog.

How did this come to light?  I will let tell it:

The abuse came to light after the father of the child was contacted by a relative of Lodice, who said he received photographs and videos of Lodice and the child, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy wrote in a report.

How in the world would someone get something like that?  Did she email the video to family members?  Did she leave the perverse recordings in the VCR?  Why would the relative even bother dealing with the boy’s father?  Isn’t this something that goes directly to the authorities?   this isn’t something you ‘run by’  the family.   I am appalled on so many levels here.

Apparently she is going to play the ‘I-was-high-on-drugs-and-didn’t-know-what-I-was-doing’ card.   And if that’s truly the case,  I should hope that she wants to accept her punishment.



Canine Poops In Home…Leads To Man’s Murderous Rampage


All of us who own animals get upset from time to time when our beloved pets defecate on the  floors.  It happens. Michael Stolz took his pet’s inability to ‘hold it’, as it were, as justification for shooting his Shepherd mix in the head…twice.  He then took one look at his other dog, a Rottweiler, and shot that pet, again, twice.  But that was not enough for Mr. Stolz.  As his wife screamed frantically, Mr. Stolz, decided she had to go as well and shot her in the abdomen.

As Mr. Stolz recounted events to the police, he said the ‘plan’ was to kill himself in the end.  But as well though out plans go he ran out of bullets.