Bad Breakup?  Don’t  Make Your Lady Walk Naked In The Street

Jason Melo combined a little machismo, with a lot of insecurity, and a flair for the dramatic when he made his ex-girlfriend take the walk of shame outside his New York apartment.  When finding several texts from other gentlemen suitors on his girlfriend’s cell phone (aka ‘sex-ting’) he stripped her naked,  beat her, and forced her to walk his street in sub-freezing temperatures.  It was a modern and brutal rendering of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter.


Before the media got wind of Mr. Melo’s antics he was celebratory of his actions on his Instagram account (check it out there are some gems on there of a guy completely full of himself).  He was boasting of his actions and belittling his victim.   But when there was a social media backlash, he grew a conscious:


Please forgive me, I want you all to know that I am not as bad as you think. I just want to tell you all that I feel bad, as a man. You don’t know what was going through my mind.

Right, buddy.  We all get closer to God in tight situations, so go bring out your inner Christian.  The fact is, that Melo’s ego is a little more than healthy.  He thought he was going to administer a little ‘street justice’ from a sense of entitlement.  But there are consequences…to the tune of charges of assault in the third degree, menacing in the second degree, and endangering the welfare of a child.  Not to mention…the social scathing he should receive for this Charlie Brown shirt:



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Men Assault & Brag About Beating Man…With Cerebal Paulsy


Perpetrators: Nikey Dashone Walker and Shadeed Dontae Bey

Nikey Dashone Walker and Shadeed Dontae Bey are setting new lows in terms  of behavior.  What you see in the below video is Mr. Walker and Mr. Bey assaulting a man, after stealing his cell phone, and then continuing to assault him.  What you don’t necessarily see is that the victim suffers from cerebal paulsy.  He is beaten until he is unconscious, and then beaten some more.   All the while, Mr. Bey and Mr. Walker take great pleasure in videotaping their beatdown.  So much so, they decided to immortalize their ‘victory’ by posting the video to not only the victim’s Facebook page but also their own, making it that much easier for them to be brought to justice.

These guys not only are a fine example of the phrase’depraved indifference’ but they also nuance that with an all new level of stupidity. Audacity and stupidity are never a good combination.

Walker and Bey  are charged with Unarmed Robbery and Intent To Bodily Harm Less Than Murder.  They face 10 Years in prison (which seems a little light to me).

Thankfully Facebook will let each perpetrator remember this fine moment in their lives with “One Year Ago Today…”


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Choir Members Stabbed For Alleged Masonic Connections


Perpetrator: Lawrence Capener

Someone has been reading too many Dan Brown books as of late.  Lawrence Capener attacked, choir leader, Adam Alvarez with a knife because of his alleged “Masonic Connections”.  I am no expert in the Masons but at least centuries ago the Masons and the Catholic Church were on opposing sides. He told authorities that: The Masons were involved “in a conspiracy that is far more reaching than I could or would believe.”   I wonder how stabbing the choir members was supposed to shed light on the conspiracy?  Four people were wounded including Mr. Alvarez.  He was charged late Sunday on three counts with aggravated battery and ordered held on $75,000 bail.

Obviously, Mr. Capener is losing his grip on reality and possibly will require some psychological help, and perhaps a little in the way of prayer from his victims.


Roommates Fight Over Electric Bill, One Stabbed With “Decorative” Spear


Perpeatrator: Nicole Wagner


Most of us have been roommates with someone else at some point in our lives. We have had disagreements, but rarely did we take a decoration off of the wall and stab our roommate.  We may have wanted to, but we refrained.  Why?  Because we aren’t crazy!

The same isn’t true of Nicole Wagner.  She is just a little crazy.  She was crazy enough to stab her roommate, Amy Queen, with some wall art because she left a light bulb on and was wasting electricity.  I find it hard to envision how in the heat of the moment someone would thing to grab and stab another with a decorative spear over a light bulb.  Obviously, this was a situation that had been brewing for a while and culminated with  this “injury-by-wall-art”.    I will think again before I bring in some home decorative items from Pier 1 that can in turn be used as a weapon.  I leave light bulbs on all the time.


In Relationship News: Homeless Jealous Husband Sets Wife Ablaze



Something happened in Carlos Diaz’s life three years ago that made him lose everything.  His wife, Cathy Zapata, kicked him out their house three years ago.  His landlord then kicked him out of small space he was renting because “he was acting crazy”.  I am not sure what crazy was back then, but we can be proof positive of what it is now.

Carlos Diaz lured his estranged wife to a parking lot where he hit her on the head with a blowtorch, doused her with accelerant, and attempted to set her on fire.  Luckily, his wife is a fighter and was able to keep the torch from her face for the most part.  She did however have second degree burns.  And why did he snap?  Apparently he found a nude photo his wife had sent to another man on her phone.  Admittedly that would be hard for anyone to deal with, but that’s the time for a divorce attorney…not a match.

Apparently high on a does of revenger for every slight against him, he then went to an auto body shop where he once leased some space from Gerson Marchena.  He doused the place with gasoline, he attempted to ignite his lighter.  It malfunctioned. He then pulled out a knife, only to find someone else there confronting him with a baseball  bat.  Diaz fled and then turned himself in a short time after.

Mr. Diaz is now being held without bond with charges of Attempted Murder, Assault, ad Attempted Assault.


In Relationship News: Don’t Bite Off Your Girlfriend’s Thumb While Driving…Or EVER


There are some thing that you just don’t do, and among those things is biting your girlfriend’s thumb off while driving.  Ricardo Davis dances to the beat of a different drummer I suppose.  As he and his girlfriend, Yvonne Martinez, took a pleasant drive to work, things took a wrong turn.  (Not literally, but figuratively)  They got into an argument and Yvonne put her hand in the face of Ricardo, who then gnawed his lover’s thumb off wit his teeth!   Once he severed the digit with his teeth, he spat it on the floor board of the car.  Doctors were unable to reattach the finger.

Now I want everyone reading this article to take a break and feel their thumb.   Do you feel the tissue and bone?  Now can you comprehend the force it would take for teeth to tear through that?   Shudder.   Damn…that’s a lot of rage!  Mr. Davis has been arrested for aggravated battery.


In Relationship News: Man Refuses To Carry Laundry, Sets Woman Ablaze



Let me emphasize that this is one of the most atrocious crimes that can be committed against the fairer sex.  Dexter Oliver was pissed at something and then something in his feeble mind must have snapped in order for him to find some flammable liquid and set his girlfriend on fire.

Facts arrived today from news sources that, his girlfriend asked him to help carry the laundry to the laundry mat.  He refused.  And instead of helping the victim, he filled up two plastic containers with gasoline, chased down the victim at the laundry mat, doused her with the gasoline, and set her on fire.

What kind of depraved soul would do this to someone else?  Evidentially Oliver likes to beat his lovers. He has three convictions for domestic violence.   But to do something this horrific takes a healthy dose of evil.  And while his victim fights life threatening injuries, Oliver is being charged with attempted murder, aggravated mayhem, arson, torture, battery, various assault charges, and domestic violence.

Men…kiss your wives and your girlfriends and give your daughters a hug because there is a fair share of brutality out there.