In Parenting News: Scalding Water Is Not An Acceptable Punishment

Perpetrator: Anna Ritchie

Anna Ritchie is garnering all the wrong type of attention for her parenting skills.   As a matter of fact it is said she resented being a parent at all.  While her husband worked, she was tasked with taking care of young Austin Cooper, who was her stepson.  That parenting  dynamic proved detrimental and deadly, as Ritchie thought a fitting punishment for the child to be to soak his legs in 135 degree temperatures for upwards of 20 minutes.

For us to gain a true appreciation of the pain Austin suffered, a normal adult shower is taken at 105 degrees.  The water was so hot and he was in there for so long that the skin began to peel from his legs. 

Instead of taking him to the hospital, Anna Ritchie put Austin to bed with his injuries.  When Austin’s father  checked on him in the morning, he was no responsive.  It was said he died of fluid and blood loss due to the burns, which if treated immediately, would have had a 95% chance of survival.

Robert Ritchie III, the father of Austin Cooper, is speaking out after his son died from severe burns. (Photo courtesy WDTN)

Robert Ritchie III (father) with son and victim Austin Cooper

Anna Ritchie was originally charged with Child Endangerment, but after facts came to light, those charges have been upgraded to include murder.   The father has not been charged as of yet, but will undboutedly have moments of reflection as to what he did and didn’t do to protect his son.

I pray for Austin and the loss that his family suffers.  I pray for mother and father’s well being and peace of mind especially with regards to the culpability of the latter.




If You Adopt Children, Don’t Lock Them Away In Your Bathroom

George And Nancie Barnes

Parenting is hard. Being an adoptive parent can be particularly challenging (I speak from experience), but if you parent out of love, you will always find a way to do things the right by your children.

George and Nancie Barnes have five adoptive children in their Connecticut home, and their disciplinary skills have a lot to be desired. Their method of punishment for the children was a rotation of solitary confinement in one of their home’s bathrooms.

The children, while not forced to sleep in the bathroom, were made to stand in read in the close quarter, allegedly for hours on end. They also were forced to eat their meals there.

One particular child, a fifteen year old girl was allegedly confined in a bathroom for three months, from September to December of this year. She was being punished for stealing and ‘giving attitude’.

The couple let their children go to school which inevitably lead the kids to speak of their treatment and condition. Authorities have charged the couple with cruelty to persons, unlawful restraint, and risk of injury to a minor.

Obviously the kids have been removed from care.


Pedophilia…AND Bestiality?


The stories out there get stranger and stranger and in this case just more putrid.  If these allegations hold true, Angelina Lodice is one sick individual.  Advocates for both children and animals will shudder that the charges against Miss Lodice include aggravated rape of a victim under the age of 13, pornography involving juveniles, crimes against nature and sexual battery.  She was caught on video sexually abusing a three year old boy, and if that’s not heinous enough, having sex with a dog.

How did this come to light?  I will let tell it:

The abuse came to light after the father of the child was contacted by a relative of Lodice, who said he received photographs and videos of Lodice and the child, a Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office deputy wrote in a report.

How in the world would someone get something like that?  Did she email the video to family members?  Did she leave the perverse recordings in the VCR?  Why would the relative even bother dealing with the boy’s father?  Isn’t this something that goes directly to the authorities?   this isn’t something you ‘run by’  the family.   I am appalled on so many levels here.

Apparently she is going to play the ‘I-was-high-on-drugs-and-didn’t-know-what-I-was-doing’ card.   And if that’s truly the case,  I should hope that she wants to accept her punishment.



In Parenting News: Foster Child Found Chained To His Front Porch, With A Dead Chicken Tied Around Neck


Perpetrators: Dorian Lee Harper and Wanda Sue Larson


Chicken Found Tied Around Boys Neck

As the father of an adoptive child, stories like this make me cringe.  There is no greater injustice then to take in a child who needs to be loved and nurtured and abuse them.   But the foster child of Dorian Lee Harper and Wanda Sue Larson (beware of people who actively use their full name) suffered more than any eleven year old boy (my child is also eleven) should have to endure.

First Harper and Larson chained him to a piece of railroad track that was placed in his room.   The boy broke his wrist one time in an effort to escape.    The boy also featured a scar from where his “dad” cut him with a knife.  He ALSO was burned close to his eye when “dad” took a piece of electrical wire and pressed it into his skin.  He was never treated at a hospital for ANY of his wounds.

The boy was only discovered when the local sheriff was in the neighborhood on an unrelated call and spotted the child, handcuffed to the porch railing with a dead chicken tied around his neck.  (I have no idea why the chicken was tied to the boy.)

You can’t make this up!  Someone was so demented to incur these kind of injuries and atrocities on a child.   The devious nature of people is beyond comprehension.   And the coup de gras to this already horrific story is that Ms. Larson was a CPS Supervisor! There were four other children in the home in addition to the aforementioned child and all have been removed from the home while the “parents” are in jail facing child abuse and endangerment charges.

Who is caring for the children in America?  If you are a prayerful person, I ask you to pray for this child and others like him.  If you are not, I merely ask you to share this story and bring attention to their plight.



In Parenting News: Mothers Don’t Prostitute Your Daughters

I can’t think of a more sinister betrayal of trust.  A child relies on their parent’s supposed better judgement.  They rely on their protection.  It is a hard pill to swallow when a parent knowingly puts their children in harms way.


In Nebraska, Michelle Randall (see above picture) was sentenced for prostituting her children throughout the state.  She apparently placed a Craigslist ad, offering “female companionship”.  That “companionship” was to be provided by her 14 and 7 year old daughters.  She then took her kids to the area motel where the two girls had sex with multiple men.  In looking at preceding news stories from earlier in 2012, we are looking at about 7 to 10 men who had sexual relations with these girls.

How important is money when you have to sell your children to the highest bidder?  That is a depraved  and sick individual. Thankfully the judicial system saw fit to put her away for life with all the counts of child abuse involved.  But what’s worse is that this is not an isolated incident.  One of the first stories I did on The Depraved Indifference was one in which a mother was engaged in the prostitution of her  daughters.

God help us…


Baby Interrupts Dad’s Video Game Time, Gets Punched, And Dies


Let me start by saying this:  If video games are the most important thing in your life, you are not ready to be a parent.  Period.  This story is the male equivalent to the woman who let her child drown in the bathtub because she was too busy with her Facebook account.

Brian Frazier was playing a video games and his two week old son wasn’t cooperating with dad’s orders to be quiet, so Frazier popped his son.  And with whatever velocity he hit his son, it was enough to kill him.

And now the grandparents of the child are trying to make the Social Services offices culpable for not removing the infant and his brother sooner from the house.  Evidentially the family was living in squalor and Social Services knew about it.  But without out denying some blame on the State and it’s offices,  the charge of murder still falls upon the father and that won’t change.  There are no “do-overs” as it were.

Stefany Ash and Brian Frazier then went so far as to cover up the circumstances of the crime. Frazier is being held without bond for murder and Ash is being held as an accessory after the fact with a million dollar bond.



Moms, Chains, And Stab Wounds

It’s the kind of story that nobody wants to hear but we see as becoming all the more common these days.  Maisa Alvarez is accused of tying her seven year old’s hands together, then stabbing him repeatedly in the chest.

The child is in stable condition at an Orlando hospital and nobody can determine what prompted the mother to such a horrific act as she had no criminal history or no run-ins with CPS.  But I can see a psychiatrist and four padded walls in her future.