Man Assaults Wife And Aborts Unborn Child With Sharp Object

Drugs?  Hallucinogens?  Pure disdain for a wife and an unborn child?  Who knows why he did it, but he did. Jeffrey Reynolds attempted to kill his wife, Paula.  He the proceeded to open her stomach and womb, remove their child who was in the third trimester, and killed their unborn baby by using a sharp object against it’s head.

There are not many more stories that you will find more ghastly then this one.  But sadly enough this is not an isolated incident.  There have been several stories of persons killing mothers-to-be and stealing their fetus.  Albeit this is the first one I have heard for the sole purpose of murdering the child.

The last I heard, Paula Reynolds was remarkably still alive but in critical condition.   Mr. Reynolds is being held in jail with a $500,000 bond.  I hope justice is swift and God is forgiving.



Man drives truck into Taco Bell to protest missing taco


Surely everyone has had their order messed up at a fast food joint.  You get upset.  You are ticked, but you get the order fixed, and you move on.  That is unless you are Michael Smith of Ohio.  He made a run for the border and came up one taco short.  The staff attempted to make things right, but Mr. Smith is a man of principles.  He didn’t want it fixed, he he didn’t want the mistake in the first place.  So he drove his truck into the restaurant.  Like I said…a man of principles.

Argument About TV Remote Leads To Man’s Eyes Being Gouged Out


Ever had a fight with a family member about what to watch on TV? Have you ever taken your frustration to the level of Exulman Holman? Holman, 32 years of age, was so enraged with his uncle of 62 years, Melvin Gifford, that he threw him down a flight of stairs. He then proceeded to straddle him and successfully gouged out his uncle’s eyes. Please bear in mind that the man was 140 pounds lighter than Holman and his uncle was twice his age.

What the hell was on TV?

Check out the full news story here .

Meddling Teens Mess With 65 Year Old Man And Get Shot

Some Pennsylvania teenagers messed with the wrong senior.  Who picks on a 65 year old man riding a bike anyway? Well, as the story goes, these three teenagers, knocked this man off of his bike and began assaulting him.  Unbeknownst to them, our geriatric cyclist was packing some heat.  Before the assault ran it’s course he got off some shots, and killed one of the youngsters.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not happy that anyone died.  Teenagers are dumb.  This time regrettably so, as his actions lead to tragedy, but they just as well could have given this man a heart attack.

Here is the short of it from MSN.

Children Turned Drug Runners And Prostitutes

VIDEO: Fort Myers woman accused of using children as prostitutes, drug runners » Naples Daily News.

In this story addiction trumps motherly attributes and obligations. By reading the aforementioned story it seems that her children were enslaved to the same habit as the user herself.

This is the world that we now live in.   Mothers allowing strangers to grope her children in exchange for financial compensation.  Instead of running and playing, Ms. Noemi Ramos’ children were drug mules from residence to residence. It didn’t make national headlines.  It probably didn’t make the front page of the paper.  This is common place now.

Say a prayer for these girls…so that they can have a normal life and create normal relationships.  I am afraid the odds are stacked against them otherwise.