Family Matters: Man Murders Parents To The Irony Of Thanksgiving


Perpetrator: Joel Michael Guy Jr.

Thanksgiving is the one time of the year where we take account and are appreciative for whatever blessings, no matter how meager, we have accrued through the year.   Well, someone should have told that to Joel Michael Guy, who raged about what he did not have.

You see, Joel, was in a pinch.  He was a 28 year old resident of Baton Rouge, Lousiana.  He had just recently taken a “sabatical” from his studies at Lousiana State University where he had been pursuing a degree for (ahem) NINE YEARS!  Somehow, word got around to Joel that his parents, Lisa and Joel Michael Guy Sr.  (the people that raised him presumably) were cutting him off financially.   Now I don’t know the ins-and-outs of the financial consideration, but when left to our imaginations, I think we can put 2 and 2 together.


Victims:  Lisa and Joel Michael Guy Sr. 


So when this past Thanksgiving occured Joel met with his parents at their home along with his sisters.  Everything seemed right and reasonable at the time the sisters left.  What occured after they left was anything but.  Sometime between late-Friday and mid-Saturday, Joel attacked his parents, and killed them.   But not only did he kill them, he expressed a certain savagery that is inhuman.  He stabbed them to death.  He then decapitated them.  Lastly, he then attempted to dissolve their bodies in an acid bath.

Who knows what the tipping point was for Joel?  Was he cold and calculating?  Or was he incensed in the moment?  Regardless,  I hope the measure of his brutality is met with compensatory jusitce.  My prayers to the family.


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Man Murders Father, Wounds Mother, Kills Bystanders


Perpetrator: Michael J. Bryant

Mr. Michael J. Bryant is an expert in compounding disaster.  The Springfield, Oregon man assaulted and murdered his father, Jefferson Bryant, in his own home.  He ‘tried’ to murder his mother, Elizabeth Bryant, who is now in the hospital.  He then proceeded to burn their mutual home to the ground and hop into the Toyota Outlander and make his escape.  In his mad dash to elude authorities, he hit an killed, Richard Dean Bates. Then 20 minutes later into his escape, he hit and killed, Marc Jay Sanford, and critically injured his wife Lorre Marie.


Victims: Jefferson and Elizabeth Bryant

At this juncture, nobody knows what set Michael J. Bryant off aside from some long standing grievance with his parents.  But we do know is that, three families are suffering an incredible loss due to one man’s selfish actions.   The pain that he was able to inflict is unmeasurable.   He is now in custody.  If more reveals itself to this story, I will certainly update.





“Wolverine” Obsessed Man Murders Family


Larger than life personalities often make great headlines and stories, or they can sensationalize an otherwise already horrific one. Case in point: A man, Jed Allen, infatuated with the character “Logan”, also known as “Wolverine”, murdered his mother (Janet Jordan), his mother’s boyfriend (Philip Howard), and his six year old sister (Derin Jordan). The family was found dead, murdered by the same types of blades that he adored and idolized in his many pictures. In reviewing many of the pics that were on his social media sites, many of them contain violent poses and menacing grins. But in listening to what his circle of friends said after the murrders, it’s safe to say that his posturing was merely a cover for a broken man who had lost his way in life at a young age.




Jed Allen had many regrets. He lamented his parents divorcing. He felt unloved and unwanted. He often felt like he was “treated like dirt”. His mom was said to love him, but not as much as she loved alcohol, and proved to be another pressure point for Jed.

In truth we mask our inadequacies with our strengths and Jed Allen was a gym rat. He liked to work out. He enjoyed posturing for the camera, because in those snapshots he was not the broken man in reality.

Jed Allen murdered three innocents brutally. It takes a special kind of pain and hurt to kill someone with a knife. Especially when one of those persons is your six year old sister. In the end Jed did care about something, he cared about his dog, Tetley. At some point during his three days on the run from the police after the murders, Jed emailed seven of his best friends, and claimed Tetley was an ‘innocent’ ad asked that be be cared for.



Jed had lost complete perspective on innocence. How can you save the family pet but snuff the life from a six year old? That is a jump that only the sick in mind can make.

In the end, Jed was found three days after he committed his heinous crime, hanging from a tree…alone. He was his own last victim.

Among all of the troubling aspects of the story is perhaps one subtlety that goes unchecked: How can a man text “seven close friends” at the digression of his depravity and not seek at least one of them for help at it’s apex?

This is indeed a true tragedy for all involved. A tragedy for the deceased and their families, but also for those who could have interceded and made a difference.



In Relationship News: Man Keeps Woman In A Box, Then Kills Her After Her Escape


Perpetrator: James Sutton


James Horn, Jr had some significant trust and control issues.  Those insecurities manifested into his keeping his girlfriend, Sandra Kay Sutton, locked in a 100″ x 48″ x 52″ wooden box that was equipped with a small air hole from January until April 30th…the day she escaped.  During her stint in his wooden box, Ms. Sutton was provided with reading material, a flashlight, sleeping bag, and a bucket of fecal matter.  Occasionally she was seen by neighbors, but kept close to the hip of  Mr. Horn.  One can only assume the mental terror he inflicted upon her along with whatever physical anguish was brought.  It’s amazing to think that in this day and age that one human can treat another with such disregard.   And seemingly there are men like Mr. Horn whose fragile egos compel them to keep women as possessions.

Unfortunately this story only gets worse.  After her escape, Ms. Sutton went to live with some family in Kansas City, Mo.  For whatever reason, she was not provided, nor did she seek, Police Protection while James Horn was still unaccounted for and on the run.  He wound up finding and murdering both Sandra Kay Sutton and her 17 year old son, Zachary Sutton and left the family that the two were staying with to discover the bodies in the wee hours of Thursday, May 21st.


Victims: Sandra Kay Sutton and Zachary Sutton


After the grisly discovery, ensued a statewide manhunt for Horn.  He was later found three days later in an abandoned shelter in J.N. “Turkey” Kearn Memorial Wildlife Area by police.  When he was confronted by the authorities he brandished a gun and when he refused to obey commands, he was consequently shot to death.

My condolences to the Sutton family and to everyone else, let’s be vigilant against domestic abuse.  These stories, while they differ in detail, are all too familiar.


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Twin Girls Wake Up Late —> Mother Irate —> Girls Kill Mother


Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah Whitehead woke up late for school.  It happens.   Sometimes it is a figurative fight to get the kids ready and out for school. But when it came to Jarmecca Whitehead getting her two girls up for school, it literally became a fight to the death.

As the girls tell the story, their mother was irate at them for waking up late for school.  In her fury, Jarmecca grabbed a pot in the kitchen and began swinging wildly.  Was it with the intention to hit the girls?  We may never know that.  But the twin wrestled the pot away from their mother.   Jarmecca then grabbed a knife which she quickly relinquished.  Maybe she knew that it was going too far at that point, but the fight remained physical.   Jasmiya grabbed a vase from the living room and bashed it on her mother’s skull, but that just made the scene more intense.

Eventually, Jasmiyah wound up stabbing her mother…repeatedly.   She tabbed her until she lay dying.  At this point, one could argue that his is self-defense perhaps, but instead of calling the police, the girls took their dying mother into the bathroom and preceded to drown her.  Even if you hate your mother, it takes a certain meaner of depravity to take her life so callously.

The girls then went to school as if nothing had happened and staged a crime scene as if they had ‘stumbled across’ their mother.  Eventually the girl’s story collapsed and they confessed to the murder.

There is so much within this story to sadden the soul.  These were two beautiful girls in their youth who damned themselves by killing their equally beautiful mother.  The girls were each given a 30 Year sentence.

My heart breaks.


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Don’t Change That Channel!: Nephew Kills Uncle Over TV


Perpetrator: Rico Gartis Walker

I wonder what was on the television for Rico Gartis Walker to choke and suffocate his uncle, Robert Brantley?  When police arrived at the scene they found Mr. Walker trying to perform CPR on his uncle, whom just moments before, he choked the life from.   It’s easy to take someone’s life but not easy to bring it back, Mr. Walker.

Let’s again put this into perspective:  An argument that centered around TV programming made two people of blood relation fight.  The fight escalated to the point where the nephew literally choked the life out of his uncle.  Not only did he choke his uncle but the authorities said he physically shut his nasal passage so that he could not breathe.  That kind of death is dished out of some sort of demonic purpose.  Then he obviously regretted his decision and tried to bring his family member back to life, but the damage had been done and his uncle, Mr. Brantley was not coming back.

Such a violent end to a frivolous argument.



Father Murders His Two Children, Forces Wife To Watch


This is the very definition of ‘depraved indifference’.  A man who was spurned by his wife a year ago because she filed for divorce was bent on revenge.  Isidro Zavala declined an invitation to go to a party Saturday evening citing “he had important work to do”.  That important work was killing his family.  The original plan was to kill his sons and his wife, but on second thought he wanted his estranged wife Victoria to suffer far greater.  So Isidro came into his former home at 2am on a Saturday.  Victoria awoke when she heard a commotion and found her former husband strangling their son.  He killed the boy with his own hands in front of the woman who gave him birth.

Victoria pleaded with Isidro to kill her instead, but he was about inflicting as much emotional pain as possible.   He then attempted to strangle his other son.  Somehow the two wound up in the dining area and when strangling the boy was insufficient, he shot him.  Then as all cowards do when they can not live with their unspeakable crimes, Isidro committed suicide.   The police sighted two wounds, one in his chest and the other in his head.

This is the world that we are living in.  This man was married to this woman for twenty years without so much as a domestic violence call.   This is a man who was God fearing and went to church weekly, but evidentially he didn’t fear God enough.  He was used to being in control of his family and when he lost that control, he snapped.  He had another son, Emanuel,  who was older and Isidro left a suicide letter to him before he committed this act the contents of which have not been disclosed.  His son’s response:

He was not a bad man.He was always a hard worker, trying to give us the best life he could.

Oh the evil that lies beneath the surface…