In Parenting News: D-I-Y Exorcisms —— Stop!!!

Can we stop with these exorcisms? First it was the Walmart Parking lots and now it’s on a remote sandy beach, but parents thinking they can “release their child’s demons” seems like one part mental illness and another part over-active imagination.

Kimberly Felder took her eleven year old daughter to a remote beach (Centerville, CA) and proceeded to strip her, bite her, beat her with drift wood, and push sand into every orifice on her face. She was trying to rid the girl o her ‘demons’. Authorities say that in all likelihood she would have killed her daughter had it not been for a Good Samaritan who inserted himself into the situation.

John Marciel (pictured above) happened to witness the commotion and literally grappled with the mother, while on 911, to save the girl’s life. That my friends is being a hero. No matter how you slice it. According to the girl, several passer byes just ignore her screams for help, and they would have been morally responsible for her death.

I don’t think there’s much doubt in anyone who reads this story that Ms. Felder was out of her right mind. No sane person would act this way. There are several stories like this one that suggest some form of mental illness in play. But assuredly there were tell-tale signs to others before this event happened. How could it have been prevented?


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Murdered By A Symbol Of God?

I am not one to dispute the existence of Angels and Demons, but when I see stories such as this, I am compelled to believe these crimes are a melding of religious doctrination and mental illness.

Juanita Gomez, was so convinced that her adult daughter, Geneva Gomez, was possessed by the devil, that she proceeded to stuff a crucifix down her throat. Thusly, killing her daughter.

Apparently a fight ensued where the older Gomez beat the younger (33 years of age) into submission and forced the crucifix down her throat. The mother watched her dauggter die and then posed the body in the sign of the cross.

This is not an isolated incident as a couple of years a family attempted an exorcism…in their van…In a Walmart parking lot (because where else would you hold an exorcisn?)

My thoughts and prayers (because praying is a more amiable spiritual committment to another human being) are with the family.


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In Parenting News: Scalding Water Is Not An Acceptable Punishment

Perpetrator: Anna Ritchie

Anna Ritchie is garnering all the wrong type of attention for her parenting skills.   As a matter of fact it is said she resented being a parent at all.  While her husband worked, she was tasked with taking care of young Austin Cooper, who was her stepson.  That parenting  dynamic proved detrimental and deadly, as Ritchie thought a fitting punishment for the child to be to soak his legs in 135 degree temperatures for upwards of 20 minutes.

For us to gain a true appreciation of the pain Austin suffered, a normal adult shower is taken at 105 degrees.  The water was so hot and he was in there for so long that the skin began to peel from his legs. 

Instead of taking him to the hospital, Anna Ritchie put Austin to bed with his injuries.  When Austin’s father  checked on him in the morning, he was no responsive.  It was said he died of fluid and blood loss due to the burns, which if treated immediately, would have had a 95% chance of survival.

Robert Ritchie III, the father of Austin Cooper, is speaking out after his son died from severe burns. (Photo courtesy WDTN)

Robert Ritchie III (father) with son and victim Austin Cooper

Anna Ritchie was originally charged with Child Endangerment, but after facts came to light, those charges have been upgraded to include murder.   The father has not been charged as of yet, but will undboutedly have moments of reflection as to what he did and didn’t do to protect his son.

I pray for Austin and the loss that his family suffers.  I pray for mother and father’s well being and peace of mind especially with regards to the culpability of the latter.



In Parenting News: Foster Child Found Chained To His Front Porch, With A Dead Chicken Tied Around Neck


Perpetrators: Dorian Lee Harper and Wanda Sue Larson


Chicken Found Tied Around Boys Neck

As the father of an adoptive child, stories like this make me cringe.  There is no greater injustice then to take in a child who needs to be loved and nurtured and abuse them.   But the foster child of Dorian Lee Harper and Wanda Sue Larson (beware of people who actively use their full name) suffered more than any eleven year old boy (my child is also eleven) should have to endure.

First Harper and Larson chained him to a piece of railroad track that was placed in his room.   The boy broke his wrist one time in an effort to escape.    The boy also featured a scar from where his “dad” cut him with a knife.  He ALSO was burned close to his eye when “dad” took a piece of electrical wire and pressed it into his skin.  He was never treated at a hospital for ANY of his wounds.

The boy was only discovered when the local sheriff was in the neighborhood on an unrelated call and spotted the child, handcuffed to the porch railing with a dead chicken tied around his neck.  (I have no idea why the chicken was tied to the boy.)

You can’t make this up!  Someone was so demented to incur these kind of injuries and atrocities on a child.   The devious nature of people is beyond comprehension.   And the coup de gras to this already horrific story is that Ms. Larson was a CPS Supervisor! There were four other children in the home in addition to the aforementioned child and all have been removed from the home while the “parents” are in jail facing child abuse and endangerment charges.

Who is caring for the children in America?  If you are a prayerful person, I ask you to pray for this child and others like him.  If you are not, I merely ask you to share this story and bring attention to their plight.



In Parenting News: Mother Refers To WebMD For Son’s Gunshot


Deborah Tagle: Mother Who Refers To WebMD For Gunshots



Perpetrator: Pete Jesse Rodriguez

This story offers ‘stupid’ on a variety of levels.  First off we have Pete Jesse Rodriguez, a 24 year old, was tracking a 14 year old with the sites of his handgun.  This resulted in him shooting the boy in the thigh.     Ummm, why?  They don’t have regular family friendly activities in Santa Fe, Texas?  Rodriguez is identified as a ‘family friend’ who lives at the residence.  (Note to self: Famiy friends with handguns not welcome in my house)

Secondly, after the boy is shot, his mother (Deborah Tagle) decides that a gunshot wound does not really qualify as an emergency and consults the ever popular WebMD website.  Not only that, but her son peels himself off the floor and helps his mom perform the search!  Now I am far from the perfect parent, but this is one of the most absurd things I have ever heard.  The only excuse for this is just a total disregard for your child’s well-being.   I can’t even comprehend.  But to her credit, she did eventually drive her son to the hospital…after seven hours had transpired.

And how did the police know what had transpired inside of the home?  Did someone come clean with the story?  Of course not.  But just like yours and my house, theirs was wired with security cameras which picked up the detail of events.  Wait a minute?  What?  Why would someone wire the inside of their house with security cameras?  Unless…<you fill in the blank here>

Last I heard both parent and shooter are in jail…


In Parenting News: Mother Smothers Child Because Of “Muslim Curse”?


I’ve heard of a few curses in my time but the “muslim curse” is new to me and I can’t wait for Chelsea Michelle Booth to elaborate on this ‘condition’ when it comes to trial time.   It is because of this supposed curse (that the father of the girl, Antwon Nelson placed on her) that she smothered her two year old daughter.  Kassidey Booth was smothered to death with the body weight of her own mother while she slept.  Miss Booth then wrapped her daughter in a blanket and placed her in the trash with refuse destined for the local landfill. 

There is so much talk about people having gun licenses now after the Sandy Hook shooting but if you read so many of these stories as the one above, how about we talk about parenting licenses?  I obviously Miss Booth is not of sound mind and could have used a mental health check.  There are thousands of kids who are killed by disturbed parents and an inept child welfare system, and that simply needs to be addressed.


In Parenting News: Mothers Don’t Prostitute Your Daughters

I can’t think of a more sinister betrayal of trust.  A child relies on their parent’s supposed better judgement.  They rely on their protection.  It is a hard pill to swallow when a parent knowingly puts their children in harms way.


In Nebraska, Michelle Randall (see above picture) was sentenced for prostituting her children throughout the state.  She apparently placed a Craigslist ad, offering “female companionship”.  That “companionship” was to be provided by her 14 and 7 year old daughters.  She then took her kids to the area motel where the two girls had sex with multiple men.  In looking at preceding news stories from earlier in 2012, we are looking at about 7 to 10 men who had sexual relations with these girls.

How important is money when you have to sell your children to the highest bidder?  That is a depraved  and sick individual. Thankfully the judicial system saw fit to put her away for life with all the counts of child abuse involved.  But what’s worse is that this is not an isolated incident.  One of the first stories I did on The Depraved Indifference was one in which a mother was engaged in the prostitution of her  daughters.

God help us…