In Relationship News: Woman Takes Offense To Husband’s Complaints Of Burnt Casserole…Kills Him

As we are all painfully aware people will commit heinous crimes for no reason ala Steve Stephens. But as we have also come to know, people commit murder for the most inane reasons as well. This brings us to one Teresa Drum.

Teresa Drum was making a casserole dinner in late February, which evidentially wound up on the burnt side which in turn, drew the ire of her husband, Dennis Drum. Some heated words were exchanged about the dinner debacle, and in the end Mr. Drum ended up with a bullet wound in his forehead which lead to his untimely death.

Now, by her own admission Mrs. Drum had consumed seven beers during and around the time she made the dinner. And quite certainly, casseroles can burn, when cooks become innebriated. Another bi-product of consuming that much alcohol, is that people can get murdered, especially when guns get pulled.

Mrs. Drum attempted to say the husband took his own life In his ‘casserole rage’. Mr. Drum was found at the scene by police with a gun in his hand. But typically people don’t shoot themselves in the forehead during these episodes. She also sent a friend a picture of her deceased husband via text asking “What she should do?”. That picture she sent eleven minutes before the police arrived , unfortunately for her, showed no gun in his possession. She even proceeded to take a shower to clean herself before even calling police.

During the commission of dinner and the crime, two of the couple’s children were in the house, though they were not hurt.

Mrs. Drum is currently facing both a Homicide and Tampering charge.



Toronto Sun

In Relationship News: Man Douses Wife In Gasoline After Argument

What kind of argument can one have with their significant other that would cause a an to douse his wife with gasoline, set her a flame, and watch her burn to death? One would now have to ask one, Antonio Bargallo, of Schenectady, New York. He did this exact thing to th mother of his children, Elizabeth Gonzales.

There is a certain amount of barbarism that has to take place to burn another person to death, yet I don’t think these incidents are as uncommon as we would want to believe. I think this method of killing someone is a way to inflict maximum damage on someone, and the rationales are absolutely personal in nature.

Men, have big egos, and when those egos are wounded, some guys just lose it. They can’t take rejection or a criticism at all as it stains there machismo. It’s the ultimate offense to some. Perhaps I am reading something more into this than I should. Shit, perhaps this gruesome murder was over the time dinner was served. Murders have been the result of more inane things.

The reason should come soon as the investigation continues.



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In Relationship News: Stop Having Sex With Your Pets

It’s crazy that in 2016 we have to send out a plea for humans to stop having sex with their animals! I don’t think it’s too much to ask. The bar is pretty low. But let’s keep sexual intercourse between members of the same species. Geez.

I have a story to share here today that relate to this sickening subject. The verse is the story of Miranda Johns. Miranda accused her boyfriend, Kurtz Villavicencio, of sexual battery. But as Villavicencio was questioned by police, he had something very interesting to share with them. He showed them a video from his phone of Johns masturbating while her dogs were used to perform oral sex on her. I can’t imagine the cops reaction to seeing something like that during the course of investigation. Villavicencio of course denied assaulting Johns. And Johns, for her part, said Villavicencio was very encouraging of bestiality, requesting she have sex with a bigger dog (good, gravy). I have no doubt that Villvicencio is equally as disturbed as Johns, but the proof lied with him. Johns is being charged with ‘Sexual Conduct With An Animal’.


In Relationship News: Don’t Use Your Wife As A Human Mop

Perpetratort: Keith Davidson

Things happen in the kitchen Keith Davidson. So when your wife spilled some milk helping to make your Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, it shouldn’t have been the end of the world. But oh no, you had to go on and use her as a human mop on your kitchen floor to prove a point.

And apparently this is not the first time this has happened:

To use me as a dish mop, it’s not the first, not the second, not the third time. But I can’t take no more,” the victim said.
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Unfortunately this latest isntance represents a pattern of behavior for Mr. Davidson, and it’s my certain hope that the law can prevent him from doing this again, because there may not be another time to save his victim. However, being that bail was $1000, I am not overly optimistic.



NY Daily News


In Relationship News: Man Keeps Woman In A Box, Then Kills Her After Her Escape


Perpetrator: James Sutton


James Horn, Jr had some significant trust and control issues.  Those insecurities manifested into his keeping his girlfriend, Sandra Kay Sutton, locked in a 100″ x 48″ x 52″ wooden box that was equipped with a small air hole from January until April 30th…the day she escaped.  During her stint in his wooden box, Ms. Sutton was provided with reading material, a flashlight, sleeping bag, and a bucket of fecal matter.  Occasionally she was seen by neighbors, but kept close to the hip of  Mr. Horn.  One can only assume the mental terror he inflicted upon her along with whatever physical anguish was brought.  It’s amazing to think that in this day and age that one human can treat another with such disregard.   And seemingly there are men like Mr. Horn whose fragile egos compel them to keep women as possessions.

Unfortunately this story only gets worse.  After her escape, Ms. Sutton went to live with some family in Kansas City, Mo.  For whatever reason, she was not provided, nor did she seek, Police Protection while James Horn was still unaccounted for and on the run.  He wound up finding and murdering both Sandra Kay Sutton and her 17 year old son, Zachary Sutton and left the family that the two were staying with to discover the bodies in the wee hours of Thursday, May 21st.


Victims: Sandra Kay Sutton and Zachary Sutton


After the grisly discovery, ensued a statewide manhunt for Horn.  He was later found three days later in an abandoned shelter in J.N. “Turkey” Kearn Memorial Wildlife Area by police.  When he was confronted by the authorities he brandished a gun and when he refused to obey commands, he was consequently shot to death.

My condolences to the Sutton family and to everyone else, let’s be vigilant against domestic abuse.  These stories, while they differ in detail, are all too familiar.


NY Daily News

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In Relationship News: Man Snaps During Argument, Sets Girlfriend On Fire




Yes.  People snap during arguments all the time.   Bad domestic abuse situations can occur, and physical violence  can come into play. Those things are all bad enough, but what kind of man ‘snaps’, douses his ‘girlfriend’ in gasoline and sets her on fire?  Who is that sadistic?  Here enters one Donald Chapman.  That’s who is this sadistic.

Chapman and his girlfriend got into a fight that lead to her receiving  burns over 40% of her body.  He can’t even claim that it was in the heat of the moment as he went to a gas station to purchase the gasoline.    I can’t imagine a more horrific assault.  I (and I am sure many others) are petrified of  being burned in a fire.  I can’t imagine what the victim must be feeling.

So many times these types of assaults occur because a man feels he has been slighted or jilted by a female he feels he possesses.  In India and Pakistan, they have a multitude of acid attacks that occur against women.  A woman refuses a man and then the man feels he will disfigure her with acid.   I guess in the United States the preferred method is arson as this is not an isolated incident.

I pray for the victim and her recovery.


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In Relationship News: As The Relationship Sours, Man Pours Hot Grease On Sleeping Girlfriend


Anthony McGraw and his girlfriend’s relationship was on the rocks.  So much so that earlier in the year the girlfriend had gotten a restraining order against Anthony McGraw.  That order of protection was eventually rescinded.  Eventually that lead to Mr. McGraw  watching his estranged girlfriend sleep on the couch and then decide to pour hot grease over her face and arms.

That act of cruelty amassed significant injuries to his victim.  Those injuries will require this young lady to receive cosmetic surgery and forever change her life.  I equivocate this act of spite to the acid attacks that take place in Pakistan and India.  Humans are such embittered creatures.  The moment some men feel slighted, they feel the need to hurt and damage.   They want to assert themselves in a harmful way.  It’s the barbarism.

After the incident Mr. McGraw fled the scene and was found cowering in an abandoned house by the authorities.



New York Daily News