Retirement Home In New Jersey Turned Into Brothel


Perpetrators: James Parham and Cheryl Chaney

Imagine you are dropping off your grandmother at the quaint retirement home in your community only to find used condoms and beer cans in the Bingo Room?  You might think twice.  It may seem far fetched (maybe not if your as cynical as me) but this is a true scenario for one retirement home in Engelwood, New Jersey.

Lets just say James Parham isn’t your typical grandfather. Parham was pimping out some of the elderly residents who had cocaine addictions to the community.   Obviously, this created a problem for other residents in the home.   The activities of Mr. Parham attracted a very seedy clientele into the home shall we say.  Many of the other residents were afraid to ask for help and felt like they were in their own prison.  Eventually authorities got word of the goings on and police set up a sting which implicated the two pictured above.

Cheryl Chaney, the lovely lady pictured to the right of Mr. Parham above (I know what you’re thinking, but lets leave it unsaid, shall we?) was caught with crack cocaine on the premise.



Child Hires Prostitute Via iPad, Then Becomes Robbery Victim


Perpetrator: Dareka Brooks


This story is a bit older but it can not go without mentioning because it involves so many unfathomable things.  The first thing:  A 14 year old boy uses his iPad to hire Dareka Brooks (22), a prostitute,  for sexual favors.  The second thing: The prostitute upon arrival recognizes that this is just a child.  Instead of walking out the door and waiting for the next ‘client’, she does what any sensible prostitute would do:  She pepper sprays the boy, steals his iPad, a Piggy Bank, and a jar full of money.

So where to begin?  Where did the boy learn how to hire a woman of ill repute via an iPad?  The parents need to get a refund for any computer classes they paid for.  Speaking of the parents, I can’t imagine how the police narrated this story to them. “Ma’am your kid hired and was robbed by a prostitute.”  Grounded for eternity.   But what do we say about a prostitute who robs a fourteen year old boy of  his Piggy Bank?  It’s probably not best to discuss ethics when regarding a prostitute.  It would be like complaining about the hygiene of the homeless.

Ms. Brooks is currently being held under a charge of armed robbery.


Man Short On Cash For Family Disney Cruise, Robs Bank


Perpetrator: Cedric Swinson

What does it take to be a dedicated family man?  To what lengths would you go to have the perfect family vacation?  Well, if you answered “rob a bank” you are in the good company of one, Cedric Swinson.

Swinson drove from Charlotte, North Carolina to Satellite Beach, Florida on a suspended driver’s license to take his girlfriend and her kids on a Disney Cruise.  When he arrived, he was short on cash.  In a heated panic he did what any good family man would do:   He robbed the local Navy Federal Credit Union.  He did so without a weapon (though he indicated he had one) and by passing the teller a note to fork over some cash.  No one was hurt.  Once he robbed the bank, he hopped in the family truckster that waited outside where his girl and her kids waited.   The family had no idea what had transpired and he was apprehended within a matter of minutes.  He took an undisclosed amount of money.

So before you drive down all that way (on your suspended driver’s license), with your loved ones, wouldn’t you make sure that you could cover the final balance of your trip?  I think that would have been a better plan.  Instead of getting a Disney Cruise, the family got to witness a bank robbery and the embarrassment that comes with…


Better Business Bureau For Prostitutes?



Scott Pipher felt he got stiffed. (chuckle)  He paid for services that he felt were not rendered.  He called 911 to get the police involved in the matter.  The problem?  He paid a prostitute for sexual favors which did not meet his expectations.  He claimed that Kristy Harmon (28) owed him ten more minutes.

The odd thing (ok one more odd thing) is that this ‘deal’ took place in March 25th and he was formally charged six months later on December 7th.  The press reports the case was handled by the ‘Department’s Special Enforcement Team‘.  I guess by special they mean slow and inept.   I mean, the man admitted he was shorted on sex.  He lives in Maine, not Nevada.   Oh well…Pipher is being arraigned on Jan 30th.


Forgo Your Burial, Hang Around, And Wait For The Rapture


People get distraught when their loved ones die.  We can all understand that.  And grief effects us all differently, but in Russia, a woman took her husband’s death, well…poorly.  Instead of performing a traditional burial, she kept the corpse of her husband in another room of her Moscow apartment which she shared with her five children.   She thought to herself that he was bound to resurrect and might as well keep him around for the rapture.  In the articles below they describe her as a devout pentecostal christian, but I am pretty sure that has nothing to do with the ‘crazy’ that was going on in her house.

What’s even more morbid than this is the fact she had her children go into the room and ‘feed’ and ‘talk’ to her deceased husband.  I can’t imagine the horror for those kids, nor could I imagine the stench that was consuming the house for three years.  There’s only so much air fresheners can do to cover up the smell!

For how this story ends, I leave it to this Global Post excerpt to explain:

When the family decided to move to another town, two of the children, girls aged 14 and nine, decided to get rid of the body by putting it in plastic bags and dumping it in the bushes, reported The Times of India. The head and right hand broke off while they were moving it, so they threw them into a garbage bin. Authorities launched an investigation after the body parts were found, but have since dropped it. They say the mother does not present a danger to herself or others, and the children have been deemed mentally healthy after a psychological exam.

I struggle to see how anyone could just be ‘ok’ after dumping dad’s body in the bushes after three years but I guess I will leave that in the good hands of the Russian psychiatric community.

(Note:  The picture above is a representation and not an actual picture of the man.)


100 Year Old Man Sideswipes Nine School Children In LA


I am all for the rights of senior citizens.  They should be treated with dignity and respect and are too often completely disregarded.  But lets face it, we’ve all been at the supermarket (or alternative location) and watched an elderly person get into a car and think to ourselves: “That person should NOT be driving.”  It’s simply an instant observation and judgement that most of us make.  In this case it proves pretty much up to snuff.

God forgive him, but Preston Carter mistook the accelerator for the break and sidewalk for the street.  This is why it’s probably not a good idea once you hit the century mark to take the car for a spin.  He injured nine children because as he was leaving, a nearby school was being let out.   It was certainly not the best combination. He plowed his car into the bystanders. He was not drunk nor were there any drugs in his system.  He was simply old and his motor skills have diminished.  Luckily, no one was killed.

Tomorrow, on September 1st, Preston Carter celebrates 101 years of life on this earth.  And sir, I wish you a very happy birthday,…at home.