Man Murders Ex-Girlfriend, Then Texts Her Family His Justification

Perpetrator: Anthony Fagiano

Who knows what was going through the mind of Anthony Fagiano as he krept into Darcy Buhmann’s home at 4:30am? Evidentially they had an intimate relationship that went awry. It went so far south, that Fagiano received a Restraining Order from Buhmann on February 21st. This is how Darcy Buhhman describes Fagiano in her petition for a restraining order

“I am terrified for the safety of me and my children. It would not surprise me if he tried raping or seriously injuring me. He is dangerous and unpredictable. I am constantly watching my back and afraid.”
– via The Inquisitr News

These fears proved more than legitimate, as in less than a month later, Fagiano krept through her house, found her in a closet, and then shot her in the stomach and head. He then proceeded to text persons who were close to him and at least one person who was close to Darcy.

He texted her ex-husband stating:

I just killed that whxxre it’s best for you, she’ll never be faithful,
– via Scallywag and Vagabond

After the texting and at the coercing of others, Anthony Fagiano, simply turned himself in at the local Police Department to confess his crime. He is currently being held with $1 Million bond set.

Meanwhile, Darcy Buhhman is dead, and her two girls are without a mother. It is nothing short of a great tragedy, that is left to leave us to question the intention of what would seem a man possessed.