If You Adopt Children, Don’t Lock Them Away In Your Bathroom

George And Nancie Barnes

Parenting is hard. Being an adoptive parent can be particularly challenging (I speak from experience), but if you parent out of love, you will always find a way to do things the right by your children.

George and Nancie Barnes have five adoptive children in their Connecticut home, and their disciplinary skills have a lot to be desired. Their method of punishment for the children was a rotation of solitary confinement in one of their home’s bathrooms.

The children, while not forced to sleep in the bathroom, were made to stand in read in the close quarter, allegedly for hours on end. They also were forced to eat their meals there.

One particular child, a fifteen year old girl was allegedly confined in a bathroom for three months, from September to December of this year. She was being punished for stealing and ‘giving attitude’.

The couple let their children go to school which inevitably lead the kids to speak of their treatment and condition. Authorities have charged the couple with cruelty to persons, unlawful restraint, and risk of injury to a minor.

Obviously the kids have been removed from care.