Utah Man, Angry With Guests, Murders Couple And Tosses Down Mineshaft


Jerrod Baum

Jerrod Baum was infuriated when his girlfriend had a teenage couple in his home.  He had told Morgan Henderson to never have male visitors over at their residence.  He was in fact so upset with their presence in his home that he drove them out to the desert, seventy-five miles from Salt Lake City, Utah. He then proceeded to beat, assault, stab (at least once to the groin) and murder Riley Powell in front of his girlfriend, Brelynne Otteson.  I can’t imagine the horror, helplessness, and torment that went through both of their minds.
riley powell

Riley Austin and Brelynne Otteson


But Baum was not done yet, after he stabbed Powell to death in front of his girlfriend. He then turned his attention to Otteson.  He stepped behind her and casually slit her throat. He did all of this shortly after congratulating the teenage couple on getting ready to have a baby (which was not accurate).  But the shear audacity of the comment bears a commitment to cruelty hard to comprehend.
With no regard to life and suffering, Baum tossed both bodies down a deep abandoned mine shaft to which their bodies remained for three months.
The couple’s bodies were only found after Jerrod Baum’s girlfriend, was interrogated involving a separate case and lead authorities to the bodies.
Baum is being charged with aggravated murder, kidnapping, and the desecration of a body among other things.   In a statement to his girlfriend, Baum claimed to have never killed an innocent before, which alludes to a past probably riddled with carnage.   Baum is eligible for the death penalty.
Our hearts go out to the families of Riley Powell and Brelynne Otteson.   May they find comfort and peace.
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Woman Cries Out The Name Of Another…Gets Disemboweled

Perpetrator: Fidel Lopez & Victim: Maria Nemeth

You have to be a pretty sick puppy to do what Fidel Lopez did to his girlfriend Maria Nemeth. Lopez became so enraged with Nemeth that he beat and sodomized her upon hearing her call out her ex-husband’s name during a drunken sex session. But what sets this story apart and it gives it a particular grotesque feel is that Lopez reached inside of Nemeth, up to his elbow, and began to disembowel her. I can’t even comprehend the brutish physicality of this act. It’s one of those things that make you shudder upon hearing it. It’s a level of disgusting that previously had not been written in this blog.

Lopez called the police after his half-hearted attempt to revive Nemeth failed. His first attempt at explaining the situation was that the pair were having ‘rough sex’ in the closet. That could be the grossest understatement of the year considering the crime scene.


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From Elementary School Teacher To Murderer


Luis Ruiz was sending a message when he killed Carina Saunders brutally.  The message was that he should not be trifled with and people ought to cooperate with him. See, Luis Ruiz was the proud owner of a human trafficking and drug ring, but before, believe it not, he was an elementary school teacher.  He took Carina Saunders, he beat her in front of witnesses. He then took her to another room and proceeded to cut off her limbs while she was alive.  He cut off her right foot and proceeded to cut off her left when the saw broke.  How do we know so much detail about the incident?  He video taped the incident with his cell phone so he could spread his ‘message’.  Saunders body parts were found in a bag behind a grocery store.

This is like a sicker version of the television show, Breaking Bad. How a person’s moral compass strays so far is beyond me.  And for a woman to have to endure so much pain in her last few moment is absolutely beyond  comprehension.  Ruiz and his associate Jimmy Massey aka “Country” are being charged with First Degree Murder for what it’s worth.






Nebraska woman tied up, mutilated, in anti-gay hate crime, police say

Apparently in Nebraska, three masked men broke into a woman’s home, destroyed her property, and tortured her by carving anti-gay slurs in her skin.  They then poured gasoline over the home and attempted to burn her alive.  She was found by police, naked and bleeding.  I emphasize the word masked because I think it holds a dual purpose.  One of anonymity and the other of cowardice.  If you stand so vehemently behind your anti-gay and homophobic beliefs, why wear a mask?  The only thing worse than a bigot is an anonymous one…

Regardless of your feelings regarding sexual orientation, does it ever even have to come close to the point that is mentioned in this story?

The human race is so disappointing.  It’s disappointing in itself to know that we can’t let people be responsible for their choices in life.  It’s disappointing we can’t accept people for who they are.  It’s despicable that we can’t respect others and their person.





Texas Man Abducts And Tortures Neighbor

  1. This article recounts her police interview in which she originally defends Maxwell.  She said that he had been ‘good’ to her.  But then she soon lets into the details of the events of her captivity and suddenly Mr. Maxwell doesn’t seem like the nice neighbor.
  2. This article basically explains the ordeal that this woman had to through.  It is as she said when she was testifying.  It is truly a gruesome and sickening event.
  3. Maxwell was convicted and faces up to life in prison after being found guilty of aggravated kidnapping and two counts of aggravated sexual assault
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    awa: Texas ‘House of Horrors’ Rapist Found Guilty: Texas “house of horrors” rapist, Jeffrey Allan Maxwell, who held… dlvr.it/1Dkwn3
    Wed, Feb 22 2012 17:12:12
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    GUILTY! For Jeffrey Allan Maxwell for raping his former neighbor on a deer-skinning device and chaining her to a bed after kidnapping her
    Tue, Feb 21 2012 18:22:21

Inappropriate Use Of Scissors — Blinding The Witches

I know that this picture is gross and disgusting. The story is moreso. Having worked in optics for the last decade and a half, I am pretty sensitive when it comes to the eyes, so this story made me cringe a little.

Evidentially there are places in rural India that are like Salem, Massachusetts from the 15th Century. They blame their bad luck on the witches. Well, this time some people in the community were having a rough go of it and decided that something needed to be done. And what was their course of action? Ahhh yes, holding her down and putting scissors through her corneas (gulp).

Alas it gets worse, the husband, witnessing what is happening to his betrothed tried to intervene. And what does he get for his effort? He too has his eyes removed for his effort.

You will have to forgive me for my nonchalant way of describing the story but the event was horrifying enough without more morose verbiage.

These events are not merely isolated to rural India. We have seen equally disturbing things in the United States. Savagery itself is blind to all culture.

You can check out the original story here