The World In Peril: July 24th – July 30th

I am adding this weekly segment to the Depraved Indifference after reflecting on how ignorant we can become to what is happening around us in world affairs.  There are multiple hot spots around the world that create an incredible amount of violence and destruction.  And while it is not an attractive topic, it is an important one.  So each Sunday I will give you a cumulative view of the world’s destructive tendencies.

I am just sharing news stories at this juncture as there is very little narrative that I could add that would enhance the story.


21 killed in Baghdad suicide blast, weeks after deadliest in years

Mortar, bombing in Baghdad kill six, including four children


Mexican mayor, four others killed at public meeting

Saudi Arabia:

Five Saudi border guards killed in clashes in south: TV


At least 12 killed in twin suicide bombings near Mogadishu airport 


Truck bomb blast kills dozens in northeast Syria city: monitors, state TV


Two Turkish soldiers killed in bomb attack in Kurdish southeast: sources



Grandmother Hires Hitman To Kill Mother Of Grandson



A bad break up will compell people to do foolish and even insiduous things. This is a case of the latter. Sandra Hill Treadway’s son, Matthew Treadway, had broken up with his girlfriend, Lyndsey Brooke Grindol, with whom they shared a child. The resulting break up apparently lead to a bitter custody battle, one in which Grandma Treadway was not willing to lose. She was set on not letting the former girlfriend have custody of the child, so much so that she was willing to pay a hitman $1500 to dispose of the woman she so loathed.

The problem with this plan stems from the plan that though she thought she was soliciting a hitman, in actuality she was talking to an undercover police officer. She gave the undercover Grindol’s address, her license plate number, and her whereabouts on various days. She paid the officer $750 before the murder and agreed to pay the other portion when it was completed. Investigators, in cooperation with Ms. Grindol, staged her death as prrof of completion. They showed the contrived proof to Ms. Treadway who then paid the remainder of the money. She was arrested as she returned home.

A few things of note: Ms. Grindol was investigated for suspected child abuse in 2013 as her child had a broken arm. Those charges were later dropped due to lack of hard evidence. This could lend to the perspective of motive in this case while certainly not condoning Ms. Treadway’s actions. The child was living with the Treadway’s at the time as Matthew had custody. Now the child is in the custody of Ms. Grindol. The other thing that I find interesting here is how cheap is human life? $1500 for the snuffing of something so priceless seems so nominal, than almost anyone could afford a hitman these days if they didn’t like someone. It’s just the signs and times we live in.




NY Daily News


Bad Breakup?  Don’t  Make Your Lady Walk Naked In The Street

Jason Melo combined a little machismo, with a lot of insecurity, and a flair for the dramatic when he made his ex-girlfriend take the walk of shame outside his New York apartment.  When finding several texts from other gentlemen suitors on his girlfriend’s cell phone (aka ‘sex-ting’) he stripped her naked,  beat her, and forced her to walk his street in sub-freezing temperatures.  It was a modern and brutal rendering of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter.


Before the media got wind of Mr. Melo’s antics he was celebratory of his actions on his Instagram account (check it out there are some gems on there of a guy completely full of himself).  He was boasting of his actions and belittling his victim.   But when there was a social media backlash, he grew a conscious:


Please forgive me, I want you all to know that I am not as bad as you think. I just want to tell you all that I feel bad, as a man. You don’t know what was going through my mind.

Right, buddy.  We all get closer to God in tight situations, so go bring out your inner Christian.  The fact is, that Melo’s ego is a little more than healthy.  He thought he was going to administer a little ‘street justice’ from a sense of entitlement.  But there are consequences…to the tune of charges of assault in the third degree, menacing in the second degree, and endangering the welfare of a child.  Not to mention…the social scathing he should receive for this Charlie Brown shirt:



Daily Mail

CBS Crimesider


Pomona Man Lights Girlfriend Ablaze On Christmas


Perpetrator: Clarence Duwell Dear


Perpetrator: Dawn Hensley

It was a very unhappy Christmas season for one Ponoma, California woman. Clarence Duwell Dear and Dawn Hensley were having a domestic argument that escalated. It escalated to the point where Mr. Dear doused his fleeing girlfriend, Ms. Hensley, in gasoline. As she attempted to run from her assailant, he lit her ablaze, in all likelihood with as something as nonchalant as a cigarette.

After a few days of being on the run from the authorities for a couple of days Mr. Dear was apprehended by police in the town of Altaneda. He is being charged with murder.

I know i have talked about this before, but the use of fire to hurt another person, particularly men against women, is more proliferative than we would want to think. There have been several stories of men setting women ablaze. It’s very similar to the stories we hear in India and Pakistan where men throw acid in the faces of women who have ‘dishonored’ them in some form of fashion.

The male ego is so very fragile and the repercussions for it’s wounding have resulted in some simply terrifying incidents.



Daily Mail

NY Daily News

Men Assault & Brag About Beating Man…With Cerebal Paulsy


Perpetrators: Nikey Dashone Walker and Shadeed Dontae Bey

Nikey Dashone Walker and Shadeed Dontae Bey are setting new lows in terms  of behavior.  What you see in the below video is Mr. Walker and Mr. Bey assaulting a man, after stealing his cell phone, and then continuing to assault him.  What you don’t necessarily see is that the victim suffers from cerebal paulsy.  He is beaten until he is unconscious, and then beaten some more.   All the while, Mr. Bey and Mr. Walker take great pleasure in videotaping their beatdown.  So much so, they decided to immortalize their ‘victory’ by posting the video to not only the victim’s Facebook page but also their own, making it that much easier for them to be brought to justice.

These guys not only are a fine example of the phrase’depraved indifference’ but they also nuance that with an all new level of stupidity. Audacity and stupidity are never a good combination.

Walker and Bey  are charged with Unarmed Robbery and Intent To Bodily Harm Less Than Murder.  They face 10 Years in prison (which seems a little light to me).

Thankfully Facebook will let each perpetrator remember this fine moment in their lives with “One Year Ago Today…”


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Sister Refuses To Return Bong, Brother Kills Cat

Axel Salemi

Perpetrator: Axel Salemi



So much for ‘weed’ being  a victimless crime.   Axel Salemi crushed an seven/eight weeks old kitten with his bare hands in front of his sister and father after their refusal to return his beloved bong.  While the sister wouldn’t allow the return of the bong, the father refused Axel’s wish to sell his sister’s TV (for God only knows what purpose).  When he killed the kitten, he called his mother, who runs an Animal Shelter, that he would kill another feline unless his bong was returned.

Obviously the ‘medicinal’ effect of the drug had worn off of the young Salemi as his inner rage certainly reared it’s ugly head.  Many people have a soft spot for animals,  so it’s greatly appalling to hear a tale such as this, where a young man snuffs the life of a hapless kitten with his hands.   It’s a special type of indifference to life.

At the bail hearing, the presiding Judge remarked: ‘There is some anger in you that needs to be addressed.’  Understatement of the year.


Daily Mail

New York Daily News

‘Backstreet Abortionist’ Who Practices ‘Black Magic’ Codemned To Death


Shrine erected for the sacrifice.

This story is not for the faint of heart.  Apparently, there is a ‘backstreet abortionist’, Lakkhikanto Karmakar,  who also practices black magic (with his mom).  This already sounds like a bad combination (like serial killers who work as butchers).   But it gets worse…Mr. Karmakar, also known in his Indian village as Shayma, erected a make shift shrine in the local cemetery.   In broad daylight, his fellow villagers saw him licking the blood from a severed baby’s head.  He is said to have murdered the baby, severed the head, and hung the head from the shrine where he would drink the blood.   It doesn’t get more gruesome then that.

When his fellow villagers saw this taking place they beat Shayma within an inch of his life, and only relented when the authorities showed up.   He was recently found guilty of the horrific crime in a ‘fast tracked’ Indian court and sentenced to death.