Man Murders Girlfriend And Post Pictures On Facebook

Perpetrator: Kenneth Alan Amyx

This is a developing story of a Plano man, Kenneth Alan Amyx, who is accused of stabbing to death his live-in girfriend, Jennifer Streit-Spears. He then proceeded to take pictures of Ms. Spears’ bloodied body and a picture of his own self covered in blood, with the caption: ‘Please Pray For Us’. Presumably this was his way to get the word out that he had done something horrific. Police came at the request of Spears’ sister who saw the images. They found the victim deceased and the assailant with several self-inflicted stab wounds.

Victim: Jennifer Streit-Spears,

Amyx is currently being held on $600,000 bond for the murder of Ms. Speirs. And to go along with that charge, it seems as though he was also wanted for the charges of continued sexual abuse of a child and indecent exposure to a child.

Clearly, Mr. Amyx is a very disturbed individual, and my heart goes out to the family of Ms. Speirs.

Man Avenges Pet Iguana…By Sodomizing And Killing Dog


Perpetrator: James Leroy Evans

Heaven help us.  I’d like to think I would be able to look at the picture of the man above and just deduce that he has diminished mental capacity.  But the truth is that James Leroy Evans may just be plum crazy.

On March 22nd, a hiker found Diamond’s body (a young pit bull mix) hanging from a tree. When the dog was taken to a vetrinarian, she was found to be sexually abused, whether by object or by anatomy has yet to be determined.  She was killed by asphyxiation.

Mr. Evans was sought after a tip to the police from a family member because he was ‘caring’ for the dog at the time.  The owners of the dog were away for a four day period when this took place.    Evans admitted to killing and hanging the dog, and according to authorities took a sense of pride in doing it.  After all, the dog allegedly ate his iguana.

And if this story wasn’t already bad enough, Diamond served as the owner’s Therapy Dog for their 8 year old boy.

Evan’s is out on bond after posting $50,000 and being charged with animal cruelty. Evans also has an already sordid criminal history which includes arrests for domestic violence, burglary and possession of controlled substances.  He can now add animal cruelty and bestiality to his prestigious list.


Daily News

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In Relationship News: Stop Having Sex With Your Pets

It’s crazy that in 2016 we have to send out a plea for humans to stop having sex with their animals! I don’t think it’s too much to ask. The bar is pretty low. But let’s keep sexual intercourse between members of the same species. Geez.

I have a story to share here today that relate to this sickening subject. The verse is the story of Miranda Johns. Miranda accused her boyfriend, Kurtz Villavicencio, of sexual battery. But as Villavicencio was questioned by police, he had something very interesting to share with them. He showed them a video from his phone of Johns masturbating while her dogs were used to perform oral sex on her. I can’t imagine the cops reaction to seeing something like that during the course of investigation. Villavicencio of course denied assaulting Johns. And Johns, for her part, said Villavicencio was very encouraging of bestiality, requesting she have sex with a bigger dog (good, gravy). I have no doubt that Villvicencio is equally as disturbed as Johns, but the proof lied with him. Johns is being charged with ‘Sexual Conduct With An Animal’.


In Parenting News: Scalding Water Is Not An Acceptable Punishment

Perpetrator: Anna Ritchie

Anna Ritchie is garnering all the wrong type of attention for her parenting skills.   As a matter of fact it is said she resented being a parent at all.  While her husband worked, she was tasked with taking care of young Austin Cooper, who was her stepson.  That parenting  dynamic proved detrimental and deadly, as Ritchie thought a fitting punishment for the child to be to soak his legs in 135 degree temperatures for upwards of 20 minutes.

For us to gain a true appreciation of the pain Austin suffered, a normal adult shower is taken at 105 degrees.  The water was so hot and he was in there for so long that the skin began to peel from his legs. 

Instead of taking him to the hospital, Anna Ritchie put Austin to bed with his injuries.  When Austin’s father  checked on him in the morning, he was no responsive.  It was said he died of fluid and blood loss due to the burns, which if treated immediately, would have had a 95% chance of survival.

Robert Ritchie III, the father of Austin Cooper, is speaking out after his son died from severe burns. (Photo courtesy WDTN)

Robert Ritchie III (father) with son and victim Austin Cooper

Anna Ritchie was originally charged with Child Endangerment, but after facts came to light, those charges have been upgraded to include murder.   The father has not been charged as of yet, but will undboutedly have moments of reflection as to what he did and didn’t do to protect his son.

I pray for Austin and the loss that his family suffers.  I pray for mother and father’s well being and peace of mind especially with regards to the culpability of the latter.



Man Murders Ex-Girlfriend, Then Texts Her Family His Justification

Perpetrator: Anthony Fagiano

Who knows what was going through the mind of Anthony Fagiano as he krept into Darcy Buhmann’s home at 4:30am? Evidentially they had an intimate relationship that went awry. It went so far south, that Fagiano received a Restraining Order from Buhmann on February 21st. This is how Darcy Buhhman describes Fagiano in her petition for a restraining order

“I am terrified for the safety of me and my children. It would not surprise me if he tried raping or seriously injuring me. He is dangerous and unpredictable. I am constantly watching my back and afraid.”
– via The Inquisitr News

These fears proved more than legitimate, as in less than a month later, Fagiano krept through her house, found her in a closet, and then shot her in the stomach and head. He then proceeded to text persons who were close to him and at least one person who was close to Darcy.

He texted her ex-husband stating:

I just killed that whxxre it’s best for you, she’ll never be faithful,
– via Scallywag and Vagabond

After the texting and at the coercing of others, Anthony Fagiano, simply turned himself in at the local Police Department to confess his crime. He is currently being held with $1 Million bond set.

Meanwhile, Darcy Buhhman is dead, and her two girls are without a mother. It is nothing short of a great tragedy, that is left to leave us to question the intention of what would seem a man possessed.

In Relationship News: Don’t Use Your Wife As A Human Mop

Perpetratort: Keith Davidson

Things happen in the kitchen Keith Davidson. So when your wife spilled some milk helping to make your Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, it shouldn’t have been the end of the world. But oh no, you had to go on and use her as a human mop on your kitchen floor to prove a point.

And apparently this is not the first time this has happened:

To use me as a dish mop, it’s not the first, not the second, not the third time. But I can’t take no more,” the victim said.
– via

Unfortunately this latest isntance represents a pattern of behavior for Mr. Davidson, and it’s my certain hope that the law can prevent him from doing this again, because there may not be another time to save his victim. However, being that bail was $1000, I am not overly optimistic.



NY Daily News


Grandmother Hires Hitman To Kill Mother Of Grandson



A bad break up will compell people to do foolish and even insiduous things. This is a case of the latter. Sandra Hill Treadway’s son, Matthew Treadway, had broken up with his girlfriend, Lyndsey Brooke Grindol, with whom they shared a child. The resulting break up apparently lead to a bitter custody battle, one in which Grandma Treadway was not willing to lose. She was set on not letting the former girlfriend have custody of the child, so much so that she was willing to pay a hitman $1500 to dispose of the woman she so loathed.

The problem with this plan stems from the plan that though she thought she was soliciting a hitman, in actuality she was talking to an undercover police officer. She gave the undercover Grindol’s address, her license plate number, and her whereabouts on various days. She paid the officer $750 before the murder and agreed to pay the other portion when it was completed. Investigators, in cooperation with Ms. Grindol, staged her death as prrof of completion. They showed the contrived proof to Ms. Treadway who then paid the remainder of the money. She was arrested as she returned home.

A few things of note: Ms. Grindol was investigated for suspected child abuse in 2013 as her child had a broken arm. Those charges were later dropped due to lack of hard evidence. This could lend to the perspective of motive in this case while certainly not condoning Ms. Treadway’s actions. The child was living with the Treadway’s at the time as Matthew had custody. Now the child is in the custody of Ms. Grindol. The other thing that I find interesting here is how cheap is human life? $1500 for the snuffing of something so priceless seems so nominal, than almost anyone could afford a hitman these days if they didn’t like someone. It’s just the signs and times we live in.




NY Daily News