Men Assault & Brag About Beating Man…With Cerebal Paulsy


Perpetrators: Nikey Dashone Walker and Shadeed Dontae Bey

Nikey Dashone Walker and Shadeed Dontae Bey are setting new lows in terms  of behavior.  What you see in the below video is Mr. Walker and Mr. Bey assaulting a man, after stealing his cell phone, and then continuing to assault him.  What you don’t necessarily see is that the victim suffers from cerebal paulsy.  He is beaten until he is unconscious, and then beaten some more.   All the while, Mr. Bey and Mr. Walker take great pleasure in videotaping their beatdown.  So much so, they decided to immortalize their ‘victory’ by posting the video to not only the victim’s Facebook page but also their own, making it that much easier for them to be brought to justice.

These guys not only are a fine example of the phrase’depraved indifference’ but they also nuance that with an all new level of stupidity. Audacity and stupidity are never a good combination.

Walker and Bey  are charged with Unarmed Robbery and Intent To Bodily Harm Less Than Murder.  They face 10 Years in prison (which seems a little light to me).

Thankfully Facebook will let each perpetrator remember this fine moment in their lives with “One Year Ago Today…”


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In Relationship News: Man Snaps During Argument, Sets Girlfriend On Fire




Yes.  People snap during arguments all the time.   Bad domestic abuse situations can occur, and physical violence  can come into play. Those things are all bad enough, but what kind of man ‘snaps’, douses his ‘girlfriend’ in gasoline and sets her on fire?  Who is that sadistic?  Here enters one Donald Chapman.  That’s who is this sadistic.

Chapman and his girlfriend got into a fight that lead to her receiving  burns over 40% of her body.  He can’t even claim that it was in the heat of the moment as he went to a gas station to purchase the gasoline.    I can’t imagine a more horrific assault.  I (and I am sure many others) are petrified of  being burned in a fire.  I can’t imagine what the victim must be feeling.

So many times these types of assaults occur because a man feels he has been slighted or jilted by a female he feels he possesses.  In India and Pakistan, they have a multitude of acid attacks that occur against women.  A woman refuses a man and then the man feels he will disfigure her with acid.   I guess in the United States the preferred method is arson as this is not an isolated incident.

I pray for the victim and her recovery.


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Roommates Fight Over Electric Bill, One Stabbed With “Decorative” Spear


Perpeatrator: Nicole Wagner


Most of us have been roommates with someone else at some point in our lives. We have had disagreements, but rarely did we take a decoration off of the wall and stab our roommate.  We may have wanted to, but we refrained.  Why?  Because we aren’t crazy!

The same isn’t true of Nicole Wagner.  She is just a little crazy.  She was crazy enough to stab her roommate, Amy Queen, with some wall art because she left a light bulb on and was wasting electricity.  I find it hard to envision how in the heat of the moment someone would thing to grab and stab another with a decorative spear over a light bulb.  Obviously, this was a situation that had been brewing for a while and culminated with  this “injury-by-wall-art”.    I will think again before I bring in some home decorative items from Pier 1 that can in turn be used as a weapon.  I leave light bulbs on all the time.


In Relationship News: Jilted Lover Tries To Force Feed Engagement Ring



Faron Thompson’s fiancee and girlfriend of four years wanted to move out of their share apartment.  The two got into an argument and his fiancee left her diamond engagement ring on the kitchen counter.  These things did not bode well for Faron’s relationship.

When his fiancee came to retrieve the ring, he did what any rational, jilted boyfriend would do:  He choked her and try to force the ring down her throat. (Sense the sarcasm?)  He also supposedly said some hateful things like: ‘I am going to burn your house down‘. I am guessing as this story circulates around the globe it may be harder for Faron to find a date after he faces battery charges.

Incidentally, the woman fled the scene and called authorities from, you guessed it, Walmart.  (I think Walmart may be involved in some capacity in something like 10% of the stories we share here.)


In Relationship News: Don’t Bite Off Your Girlfriend’s Thumb While Driving…Or EVER


There are some thing that you just don’t do, and among those things is biting your girlfriend’s thumb off while driving.  Ricardo Davis dances to the beat of a different drummer I suppose.  As he and his girlfriend, Yvonne Martinez, took a pleasant drive to work, things took a wrong turn.  (Not literally, but figuratively)  They got into an argument and Yvonne put her hand in the face of Ricardo, who then gnawed his lover’s thumb off wit his teeth!   Once he severed the digit with his teeth, he spat it on the floor board of the car.  Doctors were unable to reattach the finger.

Now I want everyone reading this article to take a break and feel their thumb.   Do you feel the tissue and bone?  Now can you comprehend the force it would take for teeth to tear through that?   Shudder.   Damn…that’s a lot of rage!  Mr. Davis has been arrested for aggravated battery.


Unable To Play His Playstation 14 Year Old Stabs Mother In The Leg

Parenting has become more and more dangerous as of late and video games have become more and more intrinsic in the daily lives of our children.  How do the two go hand in hand?  Well let me tell you…

Evidential y, a mother in Santa Fe, New Mexico told her 14 year old son that it was time to stop playing video games and his response you ask?  It was to stab her in the leg with a kitchen knife.  He then began screaming that he would kill her other children.   The mother fled to her Dodge Durango where she called the police, but that did not stop the child from breaking out all the windows of her vehicle with a rock.

The mother told the police that her boy was bipolar, but he is still being charged with aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, criminal damage to property of a household member and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

It’s sad but again all too common.  This is not the first time a teenager has snapped violently at his parents because of video game time. (ie boy kills mom with a claw hammer) or (boy murders mom for not being allowed to play Halo 3)

In my house, my son is 10 years old, we let him play video games as a matter of reward for job well done each day for 45 minutes, no more.  This is in part, to try and avoid any type of conflict regarding video game time later on.

Parents be vigilant and don’t just hand your kid a video game to shut him/her up for hours on end.  That lack of parenting may burn you in the end.


Relationship News: Don’t Shock Her With A Cattle Prod

Today’s relationship tip comes from 36 year old Christopher Lee Martin, of North Dakota.  It may seem self-explanatory to most of us, but if you care about someone, don’t shock them with your cattle prod.  If you are in a bitter break up: don’t use your cattle prod. Keep your cattle prod for it’s intended use (?).

Evidentially Martin and his (ex)girlfriend were arguing about some money he assumed she stole from his noble profession (drug dealer) and a jacket.  The amount in question was $500.00.  Well I guess the argument didn’t go very well because he felt he had to bring the cattle prod out.

There’s obviously a few lessons that can be learned from this.  First, ladies, in general, avoid dating drug dealers.  Especially drug dealers who wield cattle prods in rural communities.  Secondly, if it’s a crime to shock a human with a cattle prod because it HURTS SO MUCH, why is it perfectly acceptable to use on animals?  Just a thought.


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