In Parenting News: Disgruntled Sons With Baseball Bats; Not A Good Combo

It’s a terrible story to occur this past Father’s Day but one I feel should be shared. Michael Marchalk is 37 years and the adult son of Gary Marchalk. The thing to know before we move forward is that Michael is a drug addict. I think we are all familiar with the story of an addict who can’t get past his vices and takes it out on those he/she loves. Well, Michael took it out on Gary, on Father’s Day with a baseball bat…killing his father so that he could attempt to steal money for his habit. He murdered his father, stole his wallet and car, all before he was supposed to enter a rehab facility the next day.

Michael was on the run for approximately five days when he as apprehended on the Atlantic City boardwalk. He is being charged with murder, manslaughter, robbery, theft, access device fraud and possessing instruments of crime.





Grandma Unwilling To Take Grandson To Store, Murdered With Baseball Bat


JeNorman Bland: Perpetrator

Glenda Smith Woodard was unwilling to take her grandson,  JeNorman Bland, to get some cigarettes.   Mr. Bland was upset with his grandmother’s decision.  So much so, that he beat her to death with a baseball bat.

This is a woman who was raising her grandson.  It is someone that she presumably cared for, and because she had to go to work, and could not take him to get some smokes, she lost her life.

Human life has become so devalued in this society that we are prone to kill at the drop of the hat, for the most trivial things.   And scarier yet, those that are closest to us are the most in danger.



Relationship News: Women, Don’t Run Your Men Over…Please

Love…true love.  When people allude to love hitting you ‘like a truck’, they really didn’t mean this literally, Agapita.  Nor, do I ever remember the adage:  “And love will beat you repeatedly with a baseball bat.”.  Nope that is not one that gets tossed around.

Well, Agapita Ramos was having a bad night.   An argument over a shirt made her tell her boyfriend to get out of the truck and walk home.  The unnamed boyfriend got out of the car, grabbed his 18 pack of beer and whiskey and started walking.  He then heard the curious sound of the truck revving behind him, and before he knew it the vehicle had run him over, trapping his leg underneath the vehicle.  But Agapita wasn’t done, she then brought out the baseball bat and began beating the man.

Now a couple of observations.  This must have been one HELL of a shirt!  Was it the Golden Fleece?  She gave this man the beating of his life for a shirt?  Secondly,  the man had to grab his 18 pack and whiskey? The only thing I can come up with is the couple was just coming home from a softball game and were going to a party to celebrate.  This is the only way to incorporate the bat…or maybe they keep it for protection?  Whatever…


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