An Eye For An Eye?


This story is gruesome, sad, and everything in between.  It involves justice in the most brutal sense of the word, albeit for an incredibly brutal crime.  Ameneh Bahrami was apparently courted quite incessantly and when she rebuked the marriage proposals from her suitor, Majid Movahedi, the man felt so emasculated and was so wicked that he decided he would take her beauty away by splashing acid in her face.  In the above picture you can see the before and after pictures of Ameneh.  I don’t even think the word devastating would suffice here.

We always talk about the punishment fitting the crime and in this case, her unnamed assailant, was sentenced to having five drops of sulfuric acid dropped in each eye.  He would obviously be bonded to a bad, immobilized, while she would take an eye dropper  and place acid into his eyes, watching as the acid burned the organ away.

I am left with a moral quandary.  Even though the act itself was so heinous, is not the punishment tantamount to that same sadism?  Should sadism. even when seemingly appropriate, be a synonym for justice?

I don’t know.   The punishment has been postponed but only because Amnesty International caught wind of the case.  Had the complainant not been so vocal, this probably would have taken place.  So what do you think?  Is it a perfect punishment or are we stretching thin our humanity when resorting to such things?



Amnesty International Article 


Majid Movahed

Ameneh Bahrami

Ameneh Bahrami's Clothes After Acid Attack