In Parenting News: D-I-Y Exorcisms —— Stop!!!

Can we stop with these exorcisms? First it was the Walmart Parking lots and now it’s on a remote sandy beach, but parents thinking they can “release their child’s demons” seems like one part mental illness and another part over-active imagination.

Kimberly Felder took her eleven year old daughter to a remote beach (Centerville, CA) and proceeded to strip her, bite her, beat her with drift wood, and push sand into every orifice on her face. She was trying to rid the girl o her ‘demons’. Authorities say that in all likelihood she would have killed her daughter had it not been for a Good Samaritan who inserted himself into the situation.

John Marciel (pictured above) happened to witness the commotion and literally grappled with the mother, while on 911, to save the girl’s life. That my friends is being a hero. No matter how you slice it. According to the girl, several passer byes just ignore her screams for help, and they would have been morally responsible for her death.

I don’t think there’s much doubt in anyone who reads this story that Ms. Felder was out of her right mind. No sane person would act this way. There are several stories like this one that suggest some form of mental illness in play. But assuredly there were tell-tale signs to others before this event happened. How could it have been prevented?


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100 Year Old Man Sideswipes Nine School Children In LA


I am all for the rights of senior citizens.  They should be treated with dignity and respect and are too often completely disregarded.  But lets face it, we’ve all been at the supermarket (or alternative location) and watched an elderly person get into a car and think to ourselves: “That person should NOT be driving.”  It’s simply an instant observation and judgement that most of us make.  In this case it proves pretty much up to snuff.

God forgive him, but Preston Carter mistook the accelerator for the break and sidewalk for the street.  This is why it’s probably not a good idea once you hit the century mark to take the car for a spin.  He injured nine children because as he was leaving, a nearby school was being let out.   It was certainly not the best combination. He plowed his car into the bystanders. He was not drunk nor were there any drugs in his system.  He was simply old and his motor skills have diminished.  Luckily, no one was killed.

Tomorrow, on September 1st, Preston Carter celebrates 101 years of life on this earth.  And sir, I wish you a very happy birthday,…at home.