In Relationship News: Aggrieved Fiancé Douses His Lover In Gasoline…Sets Alight

Setting someone on fire because you have a score to settle, while sounding horrific, has become all too common place in domestic situations. I can think of a handful of stories over the course of the last couple of years that attest to that fact.

Matthew Davey, of Tasmania, Australia, committed grievous harm to his fiancé, Nicole Evans, when after an argument on March 24th, he doused her with an accelerant and set her alight. In committing this crime he managed to burn his own hands, but that is a trivial injury, when compared to the burns that cover over 50% of Evans’ body and the fact that she clings to life.

Evans is currently being treated at a hospital in Melbourne after being air lifted from Hobart to the more advance facility. If she is to survive this horrific incident, she will be subject to a long and arduous road to recovery.

Davey has been charged with Grievous Bodily Harm, in addition to a separate assault charge from April 2nd.

Again, I have said this before, and it seems fitting again to mention, that man’s ego can hardly handle rejection. When some men are rejected or scorned, they want to destroy what is beautiful. I do not know the circumstances of the argument, but I can wager a conjecture.

My prayers go out to Miss Evans and her family. You can donate to her recovery at this GoFundMe page.



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In Relationship News: Man Douses Wife In Gasoline After Argument

What kind of argument can one have with their significant other that would cause a an to douse his wife with gasoline, set her a flame, and watch her burn to death? One would now have to ask one, Antonio Bargallo, of Schenectady, New York. He did this exact thing to th mother of his children, Elizabeth Gonzales.

There is a certain amount of barbarism that has to take place to burn another person to death, yet I don’t think these incidents are as uncommon as we would want to believe. I think this method of killing someone is a way to inflict maximum damage on someone, and the rationales are absolutely personal in nature.

Men, have big egos, and when those egos are wounded, some guys just lose it. They can’t take rejection or a criticism at all as it stains there machismo. It’s the ultimate offense to some. Perhaps I am reading something more into this than I should. Shit, perhaps this gruesome murder was over the time dinner was served. Murders have been the result of more inane things.

The reason should come soon as the investigation continues.



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Pomona Man Lights Girlfriend Ablaze On Christmas


Perpetrator: Clarence Duwell Dear


Perpetrator: Dawn Hensley

It was a very unhappy Christmas season for one Ponoma, California woman. Clarence Duwell Dear and Dawn Hensley were having a domestic argument that escalated. It escalated to the point where Mr. Dear doused his fleeing girlfriend, Ms. Hensley, in gasoline. As she attempted to run from her assailant, he lit her ablaze, in all likelihood with as something as nonchalant as a cigarette.

After a few days of being on the run from the authorities for a couple of days Mr. Dear was apprehended by police in the town of Altaneda. He is being charged with murder.

I know i have talked about this before, but the use of fire to hurt another person, particularly men against women, is more proliferative than we would want to think. There have been several stories of men setting women ablaze. It’s very similar to the stories we hear in India and Pakistan where men throw acid in the faces of women who have ‘dishonored’ them in some form of fashion.

The male ego is so very fragile and the repercussions for it’s wounding have resulted in some simply terrifying incidents.



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In Relationship News: Man Refuses To Carry Laundry, Sets Woman Ablaze



Let me emphasize that this is one of the most atrocious crimes that can be committed against the fairer sex.  Dexter Oliver was pissed at something and then something in his feeble mind must have snapped in order for him to find some flammable liquid and set his girlfriend on fire.

Facts arrived today from news sources that, his girlfriend asked him to help carry the laundry to the laundry mat.  He refused.  And instead of helping the victim, he filled up two plastic containers with gasoline, chased down the victim at the laundry mat, doused her with the gasoline, and set her on fire.

What kind of depraved soul would do this to someone else?  Evidentially Oliver likes to beat his lovers. He has three convictions for domestic violence.   But to do something this horrific takes a healthy dose of evil.  And while his victim fights life threatening injuries, Oliver is being charged with attempted murder, aggravated mayhem, arson, torture, battery, various assault charges, and domestic violence.

Men…kiss your wives and your girlfriends and give your daughters a hug because there is a fair share of brutality out there.


Relationship News: Setting Her On Fire Isn’t Going To Win Her Back

Some guys handle rejection well.  We have all gone through some tough break-ups in our time and most of us handle it well and move on.   This was not the case with Mr. Robert York.  He was so pissed off, he decided to head over to his ex-girlfriend’s house at 2:00am in the morning and try to set her and himself on fire.

The plan half worked.  He doused them both with flammable liquid but her family grabbed her back inside the house before he could light the match, but he did proceed to set himself ablaze.  (I am hoping the picture above is him after the fact.)

At any rate, guys no matter how bitter you are towards your ex-girlfriend, DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, set her on fire…