In Relationship News: Don’t Use Your Wife As A Human Mop

Perpetratort: Keith Davidson

Things happen in the kitchen Keith Davidson. So when your wife spilled some milk helping to make your Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwich, it shouldn’t have been the end of the world. But oh no, you had to go on and use her as a human mop on your kitchen floor to prove a point.

And apparently this is not the first time this has happened:

To use me as a dish mop, it’s not the first, not the second, not the third time. But I can’t take no more,” the victim said.
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Unfortunately this latest isntance represents a pattern of behavior for Mr. Davidson, and it’s my certain hope that the law can prevent him from doing this again, because there may not be another time to save his victim. However, being that bail was $1000, I am not overly optimistic.



NY Daily News



No Neighborly Love: Man Kills Neighbor With Machete For Dog Poop Fiasco


I am amazed at how the simplest of things could lead to an absolute disaster. And not only that, but how it’s not just an isolated incident. (see…here…and…here.)

I mean how can one human being kill another because the dog defecated in his yard? When these words are put to paper it sounds absolutely unfathomable. It doesn’t sound real. Is having your neighbor’s dog take a crap in your yard upsetting? Yes. Is it worth taking a machete out and killing your neighbor and injuring his partner? Well, to Amado Lago, of West Palm Beach, Florida, that was the proper course of action.

Evidentially there was a tipping point between him and his neighbor, Mauro Londono. That breaking point occurred when Londono’s dog defecated in Lugo’s yard. An incident that was apparently a duplicate of one eight months prior (according to a neighbor). This most recent altercation ensued to the point where Lugo pulled his weapon of choice, a machete, and proceeded to to hack away until London was dead and his partner, Claudia Morales, was wounded.

Lago was later killed when he failed to comply with officers’ demands to drop the machete, instead lunging at an officer.



Daily Star


Woman Cries Out The Name Of Another…Gets Disemboweled

Perpetrator: Fidel Lopez & Victim: Maria Nemeth

You have to be a pretty sick puppy to do what Fidel Lopez did to his girlfriend Maria Nemeth. Lopez became so enraged with Nemeth that he beat and sodomized her upon hearing her call out her ex-husband’s name during a drunken sex session. But what sets this story apart and it gives it a particular grotesque feel is that Lopez reached inside of Nemeth, up to his elbow, and began to disembowel her. I can’t even comprehend the brutish physicality of this act. It’s one of those things that make you shudder upon hearing it. It’s a level of disgusting that previously had not been written in this blog.

Lopez called the police after his half-hearted attempt to revive Nemeth failed. His first attempt at explaining the situation was that the pair were having ‘rough sex’ in the closet. That could be the grossest understatement of the year considering the crime scene.


Raw Story


Huffington Post

In Relationship News: Jilted Lover Tries To Force Feed Engagement Ring



Faron Thompson’s fiancee and girlfriend of four years wanted to move out of their share apartment.  The two got into an argument and his fiancee left her diamond engagement ring on the kitchen counter.  These things did not bode well for Faron’s relationship.

When his fiancee came to retrieve the ring, he did what any rational, jilted boyfriend would do:  He choked her and try to force the ring down her throat. (Sense the sarcasm?)  He also supposedly said some hateful things like: ‘I am going to burn your house down‘. I am guessing as this story circulates around the globe it may be harder for Faron to find a date after he faces battery charges.

Incidentally, the woman fled the scene and called authorities from, you guessed it, Walmart.  (I think Walmart may be involved in some capacity in something like 10% of the stories we share here.)


In Relationship News: Don’t Bite Off Your Girlfriend’s Thumb While Driving…Or EVER


There are some thing that you just don’t do, and among those things is biting your girlfriend’s thumb off while driving.  Ricardo Davis dances to the beat of a different drummer I suppose.  As he and his girlfriend, Yvonne Martinez, took a pleasant drive to work, things took a wrong turn.  (Not literally, but figuratively)  They got into an argument and Yvonne put her hand in the face of Ricardo, who then gnawed his lover’s thumb off wit his teeth!   Once he severed the digit with his teeth, he spat it on the floor board of the car.  Doctors were unable to reattach the finger.

Now I want everyone reading this article to take a break and feel their thumb.   Do you feel the tissue and bone?  Now can you comprehend the force it would take for teeth to tear through that?   Shudder.   Damn…that’s a lot of rage!  Mr. Davis has been arrested for aggravated battery.


Moms, Chains, And Stab Wounds

It’s the kind of story that nobody wants to hear but we see as becoming all the more common these days.  Maisa Alvarez is accused of tying her seven year old’s hands together, then stabbing him repeatedly in the chest.

The child is in stable condition at an Orlando hospital and nobody can determine what prompted the mother to such a horrific act as she had no criminal history or no run-ins with CPS.  But I can see a psychiatrist and four padded walls in her future.


In Relationship News: Don’t Waterboard Your Girlfriend

Should we say that Major Harris has some insecurity issues?   I think it’s safe to say that.  After all, Major Harris was just convicted of what essentially amounts to domestic terrorism.  He was upset at his girlfriend in that she would not give him here whereabouts for a given day.  He was so upset that he began to choke the victim and poor root beer over her mouth so she could not breathe (ie water boarding). Then Mr. Harris took it a step further and pointed the barrel of a gun in her eye.  Obviously she thought that she was going to die.

He then forced the victim and her children to ride with him at gunpoint.  Eventually she found a way to flag down police and he was arrested.

When Harris was sentenced to life in prison for his actions he said he forgave his victim. How kind of him…