Mother Murders Children…By Placing Them In Oven…Video Chats Father

It’s distressing to think that there is this much mental illness in the world today. We are constantly bombarded, or I consistently find stories like the one I am about to describe in Lamora Williams.

Lamora was a 24 year old mother of three children. She was described as being mentally unstable by her family as a child. She was removed from public education because she could not keep up according to her mother. She was dealing with postpartum depression since the birth of sons Ja’Karter and Ke’Younte. And perhaps the last straw that broke her psyche was when her boyfriend and father of the children, Jameel Penn, left her.

It was the culmination of these events that lead Lamora Williams to place her 1 and 2 year old child into an oven, turn it on, and walk away until they roasted to death. These beautiful children died in an oven!!! These babies were cooked to death! I can’t imagine the horror and the torture that they endured. It is probably more than most of us will surmise in an entire lifetime. She then, in an act of spite, vengeance, or sickness Video Called her ex-boyfriend, and showed him the bodies of his lifeless children. I can’t comprehend the pain of this man and that of the family.

I break just a little bit every time I hear a story like this because the cruelty, even through sickness, is a little hard to bare. And again, this is not an isolated story, many mothers and fathers have killed their children this year alone, because the “devil told them to” or “it’s God’s will”. It’s a phenomenonm that is in all communities. And the only ones who can combat these atrocities is the vigilance of loved ones and family.





One Man Kills Another Over…Hot Pockets!

Just when you think the stories can’t get any worse and the rationale for murder can’t be any more petty…along comes news such as this that reminds us that new lows can always be set.

Nathaniel Mathis shot his Brother-In-Law, Rodney Benton, last July because he and Mathis’ sister failed to bring back his favorite snack…Hot Pockets. And not only did he just shoot Mr. Benton….but HE SHOT HIM 8 TIMES.

What adds to the preponderance is the reason why the couple could not bring home the Hot Pockets. The debit card Mr. Mathis provided was rejected at the Super Market.

Sounds like an utterly trivial way to die. Nathaniel Mathis was given a Life + 10 Years sentence earlier this year which is why he is gracing our pages now.


In Relationship News: Georgia Woman Leaves Paraplegic Ex-Boyfriend To Die In The Cold

Most of us have a fear of death and the unknown, when it’s our time to go we would like the comfort of our loved ones around us. Troymaine Johnson had no such comfort as he died…alone…in the woods in the outskirts of Atlanta. He essentially froze to death, around the 14th of March, reportedly some of the coldest days of the year. He was unable to warm himself or call for help, as he was paraplegic who was unable to use his legs and had only partial use of his arms.

How did he get there? Well, much remains unknown, but charged with murder is one Ruby Kate Koursey. She is the ex-girlfirend of Johnson who picked him up in her automobile under the pretext of going to the store. Instead, Koursey drove him to a campground, pushed him out of the car, and left him to die in sub-freezing temperatures.

The motive for this act of depravity is unclear and will likely come out in the trial . However, I want readers to contemplate how unusually cruel this act is. He was trapped in his body, and could not call for help. He died alone. The physical suffering by itself is hard to bear, but the mental one, makes it even more abhorrent.


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Twin Girls Wake Up Late —> Mother Irate —> Girls Kill Mother


Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah Whitehead woke up late for school.  It happens.   Sometimes it is a figurative fight to get the kids ready and out for school. But when it came to Jarmecca Whitehead getting her two girls up for school, it literally became a fight to the death.

As the girls tell the story, their mother was irate at them for waking up late for school.  In her fury, Jarmecca grabbed a pot in the kitchen and began swinging wildly.  Was it with the intention to hit the girls?  We may never know that.  But the twin wrestled the pot away from their mother.   Jarmecca then grabbed a knife which she quickly relinquished.  Maybe she knew that it was going too far at that point, but the fight remained physical.   Jasmiya grabbed a vase from the living room and bashed it on her mother’s skull, but that just made the scene more intense.

Eventually, Jasmiyah wound up stabbing her mother…repeatedly.   She tabbed her until she lay dying.  At this point, one could argue that his is self-defense perhaps, but instead of calling the police, the girls took their dying mother into the bathroom and preceded to drown her.  Even if you hate your mother, it takes a certain meaner of depravity to take her life so callously.

The girls then went to school as if nothing had happened and staged a crime scene as if they had ‘stumbled across’ their mother.  Eventually the girl’s story collapsed and they confessed to the murder.

There is so much within this story to sadden the soul.  These were two beautiful girls in their youth who damned themselves by killing their equally beautiful mother.  The girls were each given a 30 Year sentence.

My heart breaks.


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Transcript Of Confession

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Grandma Unwilling To Take Grandson To Store, Murdered With Baseball Bat


JeNorman Bland: Perpetrator

Glenda Smith Woodard was unwilling to take her grandson,  JeNorman Bland, to get some cigarettes.   Mr. Bland was upset with his grandmother’s decision.  So much so, that he beat her to death with a baseball bat.

This is a woman who was raising her grandson.  It is someone that she presumably cared for, and because she had to go to work, and could not take him to get some smokes, she lost her life.

Human life has become so devalued in this society that we are prone to kill at the drop of the hat, for the most trivial things.   And scarier yet, those that are closest to us are the most in danger.



In Relationship News: Handcuffing Unrequited Love Is Not A Good Look


In high school I really liked a girl named Joann but Joann didn’t feel the same about me. And when I asked Joann out and she said no, though I was dejected I walked my walk of pubescent shame with dignity. OK, maybe not, but I did not try to handcuff myself to her and convince her I was the ‘one’!  Jason Earl Dean took that next step so he could get a “yes”, from his fellow Taco Bell co-worker in Ringgold, Georgia.   That didn’t quite work.  As a matter of fact, he got four years in jail and four on probation for an act that was considered, false imprisonment.  Bummer.

Turns out that Deen may have been living a fantasy life because on Twitter he would send messages to a variety of stars and in some cases he asked to meet them.

This guy had “stalker” written all over him.