Grandmother Hires Hitman To Kill Mother Of Grandson



A bad break up will compell people to do foolish and even insiduous things. This is a case of the latter. Sandra Hill Treadway’s son, Matthew Treadway, had broken up with his girlfriend, Lyndsey Brooke Grindol, with whom they shared a child. The resulting break up apparently lead to a bitter custody battle, one in which Grandma Treadway was not willing to lose. She was set on not letting the former girlfriend have custody of the child, so much so that she was willing to pay a hitman $1500 to dispose of the woman she so loathed.

The problem with this plan stems from the plan that though she thought she was soliciting a hitman, in actuality she was talking to an undercover police officer. She gave the undercover Grindol’s address, her license plate number, and her whereabouts on various days. She paid the officer $750 before the murder and agreed to pay the other portion when it was completed. Investigators, in cooperation with Ms. Grindol, staged her death as prrof of completion. They showed the contrived proof to Ms. Treadway who then paid the remainder of the money. She was arrested as she returned home.

A few things of note: Ms. Grindol was investigated for suspected child abuse in 2013 as her child had a broken arm. Those charges were later dropped due to lack of hard evidence. This could lend to the perspective of motive in this case while certainly not condoning Ms. Treadway’s actions. The child was living with the Treadway’s at the time as Matthew had custody. Now the child is in the custody of Ms. Grindol. The other thing that I find interesting here is how cheap is human life? $1500 for the snuffing of something so priceless seems so nominal, than almost anyone could afford a hitman these days if they didn’t like someone. It’s just the signs and times we live in.




NY Daily News