Sister Refuses To Return Bong, Brother Kills Cat

Axel Salemi

Perpetrator: Axel Salemi



So much for ‘weed’ being  a victimless crime.   Axel Salemi crushed an seven/eight weeks old kitten with his bare hands in front of his sister and father after their refusal to return his beloved bong.  While the sister wouldn’t allow the return of the bong, the father refused Axel’s wish to sell his sister’s TV (for God only knows what purpose).  When he killed the kitten, he called his mother, who runs an Animal Shelter, that he would kill another feline unless his bong was returned.

Obviously the ‘medicinal’ effect of the drug had worn off of the young Salemi as his inner rage certainly reared it’s ugly head.  Many people have a soft spot for animals,  so it’s greatly appalling to hear a tale such as this, where a young man snuffs the life of a hapless kitten with his hands.   It’s a special type of indifference to life.

At the bail hearing, the presiding Judge remarked: ‘There is some anger in you that needs to be addressed.’  Understatement of the year.


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New York Daily News


Woman Stabs Her Son and Another Child…150 Times?

Elzbieta Plackowska allegedly told her seven year old son, Justin, and a five year old girl that she was baby sitting to get on their knees and pray.  While the children were praying, she slit their throats an proceeded to stab them both, a cumulative, 150 times.

Originally she accused a perpetrator of murdering the children.  Then later she said she had killed them because there were “devils” inside of the children.  And a third time she said she killed the children to seek revenge on her husband who “didn’t appreciate her“.

Didin’t appreciate you?  So you murder two small children, one of which wasn’t even yours? It baffles my mind.  I would rather her be mentally unstable and declare there were devils than for her to say there was some revenge factor.

Regardless, of the reason, this was a brutal crime that snuffed out young and innocent lives.  I can’t even comprehend their last moments.  I can’t fathom the trust that those children placed in that woman, only to be betrayed under the pretext of prayer. For me, that makes the crime all the more heinous.   Those children trusted her…


Argument About TV Remote Leads To Man’s Eyes Being Gouged Out


Ever had a fight with a family member about what to watch on TV? Have you ever taken your frustration to the level of Exulman Holman? Holman, 32 years of age, was so enraged with his uncle of 62 years, Melvin Gifford, that he threw him down a flight of stairs. He then proceeded to straddle him and successfully gouged out his uncle’s eyes. Please bear in mind that the man was 140 pounds lighter than Holman and his uncle was twice his age.

What the hell was on TV?

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