‘Defriending’ On Facebook Led To Couple’s Murder


Yep. This ranks among the stupidest stories I have ever previewed, and I have previewed a lot of stupid stories. So this is how this tale goes. Billy Payne Jr. and Billie Jean Hayworth ‘defriend’ one Jenelle Potter. Jenelle tells her daddy (the pictured Marvin Potter). Mr. Potter and his friend, Jamie Curd (also pictured) head down to where the couple lives and shoots them both…dead. Ms. Hayworth was found holding the couple’s baby (left physically unharmed).

Obviously there is a lot more to this story. Well, I hope there is more to the story, because if losing a Facebook friend online is worth killing over then there is a lot of death about ready to be dealt out! C’mon…what’s next? Your animal dies in Farmville and you kill a cow in real life?

If you can’t handle the internet, just don’t get on. The cyber era wasn’t made for you.

Source: MSNBC