Murdered By A Symbol Of God?

I am not one to dispute the existence of Angels and Demons, but when I see stories such as this, I am compelled to believe these crimes are a melding of religious doctrination and mental illness.

Juanita Gomez, was so convinced that her adult daughter, Geneva Gomez, was possessed by the devil, that she proceeded to stuff a crucifix down her throat. Thusly, killing her daughter.

Apparently a fight ensued where the older Gomez beat the younger (33 years of age) into submission and forced the crucifix down her throat. The mother watched her dauggter die and then posed the body in the sign of the cross.

This is not an isolated incident as a couple of years a family attempted an exorcism…in their van…In a Walmart parking lot (because where else would you hold an exorcisn?)

My thoughts and prayers (because praying is a more amiable spiritual committment to another human being) are with the family.


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Death By Wedgie?


Perpetrator: Brad Lee Davis

There are many horrible ways to die.  Death (for most of us) is itself not a pleasant thing to discuss.  But death be wedgie?  No…let me rephrase…death by ‘atomic wedgie’  is not a good look.   That’s not something a family should hear in a coroner, court, or any report.  It is probably one of the most undignified demises a man can meet. It’s such a fantastic story that one would think it was a fictitious report from the satirical newspaper, The Onion.  But this scenario is exactly what happened in Oklahoma.

Brad Lee Davis pulled his stepfather’s underwear from his waistline, up over his head, and around his neck. Denver St. Clair died of asphyxiation and blunt force trauma.   So while St. Clair had his underwear wrapped around his head, his stepson beat him to death.   The underwear was wrapped so tight around the man’s neck, they left ligature marks.

No man is rightful to dole out death, but to kill a man via wedgie is a whole new level if depravity.


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From Elementary School Teacher To Murderer


Luis Ruiz was sending a message when he killed Carina Saunders brutally.  The message was that he should not be trifled with and people ought to cooperate with him. See, Luis Ruiz was the proud owner of a human trafficking and drug ring, but before, believe it not, he was an elementary school teacher.  He took Carina Saunders, he beat her in front of witnesses. He then took her to another room and proceeded to cut off her limbs while she was alive.  He cut off her right foot and proceeded to cut off her left when the saw broke.  How do we know so much detail about the incident?  He video taped the incident with his cell phone so he could spread his ‘message’.  Saunders body parts were found in a bag behind a grocery store.

This is like a sicker version of the television show, Breaking Bad. How a person’s moral compass strays so far is beyond me.  And for a woman to have to endure so much pain in her last few moment is absolutely beyond  comprehension.  Ruiz and his associate Jimmy Massey aka “Country” are being charged with First Degree Murder for what it’s worth.