In Parenting News: Disgruntled Sons With Baseball Bats; Not A Good Combo

It’s a terrible story to occur this past Father’s Day but one I feel should be shared. Michael Marchalk is 37 years and the adult son of Gary Marchalk. The thing to know before we move forward is that Michael is a drug addict. I think we are all familiar with the story of an addict who can’t get past his vices and takes it out on those he/she loves. Well, Michael took it out on Gary, on Father’s Day with a baseball bat…killing his father so that he could attempt to steal money for his habit. He murdered his father, stole his wallet and car, all before he was supposed to enter a rehab facility the next day.

Michael was on the run for approximately five days when he as apprehended on the Atlantic City boardwalk. He is being charged with murder, manslaughter, robbery, theft, access device fraud and possessing instruments of crime.





In Relationship News: Woman Takes Offense To Husband’s Complaints Of Burnt Casserole…Kills Him

As we are all painfully aware people will commit heinous crimes for no reason ala Steve Stephens. But as we have also come to know, people commit murder for the most inane reasons as well. This brings us to one Teresa Drum.

Teresa Drum was making a casserole dinner in late February, which evidentially wound up on the burnt side which in turn, drew the ire of her husband, Dennis Drum. Some heated words were exchanged about the dinner debacle, and in the end Mr. Drum ended up with a bullet wound in his forehead which lead to his untimely death.

Now, by her own admission Mrs. Drum had consumed seven beers during and around the time she made the dinner. And quite certainly, casseroles can burn, when cooks become innebriated. Another bi-product of consuming that much alcohol, is that people can get murdered, especially when guns get pulled.

Mrs. Drum attempted to say the husband took his own life In his ‘casserole rage’. Mr. Drum was found at the scene by police with a gun in his hand. But typically people don’t shoot themselves in the forehead during these episodes. She also sent a friend a picture of her deceased husband via text asking “What she should do?”. That picture she sent eleven minutes before the police arrived , unfortunately for her, showed no gun in his possession. She even proceeded to take a shower to clean herself before even calling police.

During the commission of dinner and the crime, two of the couple’s children were in the house, though they were not hurt.

Mrs. Drum is currently facing both a Homicide and Tampering charge.



Toronto Sun

Man Murders Daughter To Have Sex With The Corpse


Selfie From Murderer Gregory Graf



Jessica Padgett



I’ve relayed a lot of disgusting stories from the depths of man’s depravity but this one may be scraping the bottom of the bucket.  What kind of darkness lies in the heart of a man who would kill his stepdaughter so that he could have sex with her bloody corpse?  The word ‘disgusting’ doesn’t even begin to describe one, Gregory Graf.   Gregory Graf is accused of shooting his daughter-in-law, Jessica Padgett, and then video taping himself sexually abusing her corpse.   It’s incredibly disturbing to think that someone is so disturbed.

Padgett was recently married as seen in this photograph above and was the mother of three children.  Neither of those facts saved her from the sickness that was her Father-In-Law.


In Relationship News: Woman Kills Boyfriend Because She ‘Smells Sex’ Upon Him


Rachel Kozloff detected the scent of a sexual encounter on her man, Michael Henry.  This supposed act of infidelity was the last straw of their eight week relationship.  Kozloff had enough, and shot Henry multiple times until he succumbed to his wounds and died.

Eight weeks, huh?  I am trying to think how attached I am to something after eight weeks time and the answer fairly consistently is…’not very’.

A couple of facts to this story:

1)  Her 10 month old son was in the next room while she shot her boyfriend.  So I think we can deduce that her priorities were way off.

2) She had bought a .40-Caliber hand gun and a kit to convert the handgun to a 9mm.  Ummmm…who the hell is this?  Is she a trained assassin?  The MacGyver of murder?

At any rate…she was convicted of Third Degree murder.


6 Teens Charged With Assault…Of Mentally Handicapped Woman…For Sport

I wonder how the conversation ensued.   I wonder what brought these six young ladies to the point where they thought it would be fun to beat a mentally handicapped woman who was sitting on her stoop in Chester, PA?  Apparently boredom had set in, and to amuse themselves they kicked the crap out of a 48 year old woman for over a minute.  The first girl just walked up and punched her and then the mob mentality set in as all the young ladies (term used loosely) punched and kicked her. The beating went from the stoop into the woman’s home where they then hit the victim with a steel chair.  And because they were so proud of themselves, they opted to post the video of their beat down to Facebook.

This story really epitomizes what The Depraved Indifference is all about.  We (society) have devalued human life so much where stories like this aren’t that shocking any more.  They are common place.    We are living in a society where instead of condemning these acts as strongly and vigorously as we should, we dismiss them.



Meddling Teens Mess With 65 Year Old Man And Get Shot

Some Pennsylvania teenagers messed with the wrong senior.  Who picks on a 65 year old man riding a bike anyway? Well, as the story goes, these three teenagers, knocked this man off of his bike and began assaulting him.  Unbeknownst to them, our geriatric cyclist was packing some heat.  Before the assault ran it’s course he got off some shots, and killed one of the youngsters.

Now don’t get me wrong.  I am not happy that anyone died.  Teenagers are dumb.  This time regrettably so, as his actions lead to tragedy, but they just as well could have given this man a heart attack.

Here is the short of it from MSN.