Retirement Home In New Jersey Turned Into Brothel


Perpetrators: James Parham and Cheryl Chaney

Imagine you are dropping off your grandmother at the quaint retirement home in your community only to find used condoms and beer cans in the Bingo Room?  You might think twice.  It may seem far fetched (maybe not if your as cynical as me) but this is a true scenario for one retirement home in Engelwood, New Jersey.

Lets just say James Parham isn’t your typical grandfather. Parham was pimping out some of the elderly residents who had cocaine addictions to the community.   Obviously, this created a problem for other residents in the home.   The activities of Mr. Parham attracted a very seedy clientele into the home shall we say.  Many of the other residents were afraid to ask for help and felt like they were in their own prison.  Eventually authorities got word of the goings on and police set up a sting which implicated the two pictured above.

Cheryl Chaney, the lovely lady pictured to the right of Mr. Parham above (I know what you’re thinking, but lets leave it unsaid, shall we?) was caught with crack cocaine on the premise.



Child Hires Prostitute Via iPad, Then Becomes Robbery Victim


Perpetrator: Dareka Brooks


This story is a bit older but it can not go without mentioning because it involves so many unfathomable things.  The first thing:  A 14 year old boy uses his iPad to hire Dareka Brooks (22), a prostitute,  for sexual favors.  The second thing: The prostitute upon arrival recognizes that this is just a child.  Instead of walking out the door and waiting for the next ‘client’, she does what any sensible prostitute would do:  She pepper sprays the boy, steals his iPad, a Piggy Bank, and a jar full of money.

So where to begin?  Where did the boy learn how to hire a woman of ill repute via an iPad?  The parents need to get a refund for any computer classes they paid for.  Speaking of the parents, I can’t imagine how the police narrated this story to them. “Ma’am your kid hired and was robbed by a prostitute.”  Grounded for eternity.   But what do we say about a prostitute who robs a fourteen year old boy of  his Piggy Bank?  It’s probably not best to discuss ethics when regarding a prostitute.  It would be like complaining about the hygiene of the homeless.

Ms. Brooks is currently being held under a charge of armed robbery.


In Parenting News: Mothers Don’t Prostitute Your Daughters

I can’t think of a more sinister betrayal of trust.  A child relies on their parent’s supposed better judgement.  They rely on their protection.  It is a hard pill to swallow when a parent knowingly puts their children in harms way.


In Nebraska, Michelle Randall (see above picture) was sentenced for prostituting her children throughout the state.  She apparently placed a Craigslist ad, offering “female companionship”.  That “companionship” was to be provided by her 14 and 7 year old daughters.  She then took her kids to the area motel where the two girls had sex with multiple men.  In looking at preceding news stories from earlier in 2012, we are looking at about 7 to 10 men who had sexual relations with these girls.

How important is money when you have to sell your children to the highest bidder?  That is a depraved  and sick individual. Thankfully the judicial system saw fit to put her away for life with all the counts of child abuse involved.  But what’s worse is that this is not an isolated incident.  One of the first stories I did on The Depraved Indifference was one in which a mother was engaged in the prostitution of her  daughters.

God help us…


Better Business Bureau For Prostitutes?



Scott Pipher felt he got stiffed. (chuckle)  He paid for services that he felt were not rendered.  He called 911 to get the police involved in the matter.  The problem?  He paid a prostitute for sexual favors which did not meet his expectations.  He claimed that Kristy Harmon (28) owed him ten more minutes.

The odd thing (ok one more odd thing) is that this ‘deal’ took place in March 25th and he was formally charged six months later on December 7th.  The press reports the case was handled by the ‘Department’s Special Enforcement Team‘.  I guess by special they mean slow and inept.   I mean, the man admitted he was shorted on sex.  He lives in Maine, not Nevada.   Oh well…Pipher is being arraigned on Jan 30th.


Sex Worker Sues Tycoon For Bad Date

unnamed.jpeg web-ho_jpeg_1369769cl-8.jpeg

Do prostitutes have ‘bad dates’? I guess I can see that, although the term ‘date’ really takes on a completely different context here.

So the story takes place in Vancouver, Canada, where tycoon David Ho (pictured above) hires Kayla Reinfjell (also pictured, I will let you decide who is who) for a night of debauchery. Apparently, David Ho has a reputation for living the high life…literally.

So Kayla and David have sex and smoke crack cocaine (really?) from 12:00am to 4:44am. I guess that was enough fun for Kayla, but David would not let her go. His mansion is surrounded by a moat. That’s ok in medieval times but a little creepy for 2008. They struggled, he basically stripped of her clothes as she tried to escape. She jumped a fence and broke her ankle. She then proceeded to call her dad for help and stated: “Dad help me. I am on a bad date.” That my dear, is the understatement of your life.

Crack, prostitutes, and a guy with a moat just makes for a bad evening for someone. The only guy we know who has pulled that off successfully in modern times has Tiger Blood running thru his veins.

Source: Global Post

Children Turned Drug Runners And Prostitutes

VIDEO: Fort Myers woman accused of using children as prostitutes, drug runners » Naples Daily News.

In this story addiction trumps motherly attributes and obligations. By reading the aforementioned story it seems that her children were enslaved to the same habit as the user herself.

This is the world that we now live in.   Mothers allowing strangers to grope her children in exchange for financial compensation.  Instead of running and playing, Ms. Noemi Ramos’ children were drug mules from residence to residence. It didn’t make national headlines.  It probably didn’t make the front page of the paper.  This is common place now.

Say a prayer for these girls…so that they can have a normal life and create normal relationships.  I am afraid the odds are stacked against them otherwise.