Man Puts Dog In Trash Compactor…Compacts 4 Times!!!

I post a lot about stories that involve animals because it boggles my mind as to how someone can be so inhumane as to hurt and even go so far as to torture an animal. And so we one Terrence J. Clark, who in late February elected to take his mother’s Shih Tzu from the back of his car, place the dog in a plastic bag, and throw the animal in the apartment trash compactor. It wasn’t just enough for him to ‘hit-the-button-and-run’. No, he had to hit the compactor button 4 TIMES! (All of which is caught on surveillance tape).

After residents had heard the dog yelping from the compactor, they called the Fire Department for rescue. They were able to remove the pet and rush it to a local Veterinarian’s office, but dies four days later.

These stories are difficult to digest because animals cannot defend themselves against the depravity of mankind. What could the dog possible have done? What could the mother have done to prompt this reaction from her son?

Clark is being held for charges of Aggravated Animal Cruelty with $65,000 bond.



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Family Matters: Man Murders Parents To The Irony Of Thanksgiving


Perpetrator: Joel Michael Guy Jr.

Thanksgiving is the one time of the year where we take account and are appreciative for whatever blessings, no matter how meager, we have accrued through the year.   Well, someone should have told that to Joel Michael Guy, who raged about what he did not have.

You see, Joel, was in a pinch.  He was a 28 year old resident of Baton Rouge, Lousiana.  He had just recently taken a “sabatical” from his studies at Lousiana State University where he had been pursuing a degree for (ahem) NINE YEARS!  Somehow, word got around to Joel that his parents, Lisa and Joel Michael Guy Sr.  (the people that raised him presumably) were cutting him off financially.   Now I don’t know the ins-and-outs of the financial consideration, but when left to our imaginations, I think we can put 2 and 2 together.


Victims:  Lisa and Joel Michael Guy Sr. 


So when this past Thanksgiving occured Joel met with his parents at their home along with his sisters.  Everything seemed right and reasonable at the time the sisters left.  What occured after they left was anything but.  Sometime between late-Friday and mid-Saturday, Joel attacked his parents, and killed them.   But not only did he kill them, he expressed a certain savagery that is inhuman.  He stabbed them to death.  He then decapitated them.  Lastly, he then attempted to dissolve their bodies in an acid bath.

Who knows what the tipping point was for Joel?  Was he cold and calculating?  Or was he incensed in the moment?  Regardless,  I hope the measure of his brutality is met with compensatory jusitce.  My prayers to the family.


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Mom Falls Asleep, 15 Year Old Hits Her With A Sledge Hammer…Repeatedly

Zachary Davis is described by his attorney as a ‘troubled child’ who was ‘failed by the system’ setting the jury system up for the ‘pity defense’.  Undoubtedly Mr. Davis had a troubled past and undoubtedly he was failed by numerous individuals and institutions, but only one man (child) bears the burden of picking up a sledgehammer and bludgeoning his mother to death while she sleptThen as his older brother slept, he started a fire, in hopes the flames would consume his blood.  He was later found by police, with a notebook, that included his confession.  He was just recently charged as an adult for the murder of his mother as the Juvenile system in Tennessee determined the boy was beyond their capacity to help.  He has of course plead ‘not guilty’.

The rage and anger that must be harbored inside is  intense.   He is to be pitied in the sense that he lost his father to Lou Gehrig’s disease and to be reviled for the fact he took his pain out on the ones that are supposed to love him.


‘Defriending’ On Facebook Led To Couple’s Murder


Yep. This ranks among the stupidest stories I have ever previewed, and I have previewed a lot of stupid stories. So this is how this tale goes. Billy Payne Jr. and Billie Jean Hayworth ‘defriend’ one Jenelle Potter. Jenelle tells her daddy (the pictured Marvin Potter). Mr. Potter and his friend, Jamie Curd (also pictured) head down to where the couple lives and shoots them both…dead. Ms. Hayworth was found holding the couple’s baby (left physically unharmed).

Obviously there is a lot more to this story. Well, I hope there is more to the story, because if losing a Facebook friend online is worth killing over then there is a lot of death about ready to be dealt out! C’mon…what’s next? Your animal dies in Farmville and you kill a cow in real life?

If you can’t handle the internet, just don’t get on. The cyber era wasn’t made for you.

Source: MSNBC